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Someone Asked Me, “How Do I Get Where You Are?” Here Is My Answer.

First things first.

My kid’s on Spring Break and temporarily entertained with a movie. Therefore this newsletter will be cranked out quickly, to the tunes of another Disney knock-off film.

And that’s the first rule to getting to where I am: don’t waste time. Learn to produce quality quickly and consistently. Actual production beats potential perfection.

But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself.

how did i get here 2My student Kelley asked me recently, “How can I get to where you are?” Kel’s referring to a professional pole career specifically here, but the advice I’m gonna give you here is applicable elsewhere. I personally have built my career on social media, so much of what I have to say will reflect that as well.

My advice on how to stand out, affect culture, inspire people, make friends, and make money–all on your own terms?

1. Identify, define, hone, and own your own unique schtick, and put that shit on ten. Take the time and make the commitment to cultivating your talents into a one-of-a-kind persona. Invest time and money in developing yourself–that means sitting around thinking hard, taking classes and workshops, maybe even hiring a coach like I did (best professional decision ever–here’s my coach). Cultivating your best self is an act of composition, a work of art, a story you’re telling–but that doesn’t mean it’s fake. What you see on social media, in these newletters, in my videos: that Lux ATL, that’s the real me. However that me is also created from thoughtful crafting. Author your own badassery. Don’t expect it to ever just happen to you. It doesn’t work that way.

2. Don’t worry about being the best–instead, focus on being the only. The “best” is ever subjective and always changing. Focus instead on being the only. Can’t nobody out-Lux Lux. Therefore I have no room for fear or jealousy. I have only complete confidence in my unique badassery.

3. Once you cultivate your unique persona, it’s time to add value to your community by throwing out some real shit on the internet. Therefore you must meaningfully engage with your community on social media. Like people’s photos. Comment on their statuses. Ask them questions. Create status updates that start conversations. Give folks great photos that make them smile. Give them hard questions that make them think. Give folks an arena to speak and be heard. Give folks an arena to like each others’ selfies and make friends. When it comes to writing on social media–which, frankly, is my favorite genre in my long writer’s life–my mantra is this: “serve your audience.”

4. Consistently deliver quality content. You know your content is good when you get a bunch of likes. But you know your content is great when you get a lot of shares. Shares and reposts are the golden eggs of growing your audience. How to generate this activity? Put out thought-provoking, entertaining, relevant, helpful content that makes your readers’ lives better, and do so consistently and regularly.

There are some of the steps I’ve taken to creating the life that I want. Want to work with me one-on-one in crafting your own best self? Check out my new program Big Sister Bad Assery and to all the get info on the newest service I’m developing–private personal guidance and support in your route to nailing those badass fuckin goals!


how 3
Beautiful women on the pole…money showers and squeals of delight…acting foolish until 5 a.m… massages with a mountain view…boobs everywhere…a dozen bottles of wine…tipsy twerk-offs…1000 hugs…infinite love…bong hits and chocolate chip pancakes…what more can I say?!

‪Stripcabin‬ was the best fuckin party of my life!

Thank you to those who made it amazing with your great attitudes, funny stories, and sexy antics. Coming back to reality is hard, but the good news is:

We’ll be doing this shit again.

Look out for a cabin retreat launch party this Fall for my biggest project yet: STRIPCRAFT SPELLBOOK. Details coming real soon!

And finally, I’d like to ask you guys a question:

How can I best serve you? Which of my skills and knowledge would bring the most value to your life? What service could I offer that you just couldn’t resist? What are you dying to learn from me? I’m in the process of developing some big stuff for you guys, and I want to make sure I’m addressing your desires and needs. Thank you so much for your feedback!


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