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Announcing The Stripcraft Spellbook–The Holy Book Of All Things Stripcraft!

Introducing Stripcraft Spellbook–the Holy Book of all things Stripcraft!

Hey there, sis. Do you ever feel that nagging, sneaking suspicion that you have a brilliant gift inside, a seed of greatness, just waiting to be cultivated–if only things like real life and fear didn’t get in the way? Do you ever feel as if the life you’re living doesn’t do justice to the greatness you’ve got rumbling around inside? Have you lost touch with your passion, your body, your sexiness while you’ve been drowning in the daily grind?

I’ve been where you are and I’ve come out on the other side better than ever. Let me show you how.

Trust me, I’m good at this shit.

The Stripcraft Spellbook is organized into Incantations (written lessons from me) and Spells (practical applications of lessons from you) and combines the structure of a university class, the theoretical knowledge of a PhD-slangin’ feminist scholar, and the stage skills of a lifelong stripper in the format of an online membership site + university-style philosophy course + stripper-style dance school suitable for any woman who knows that she has magic inside, but doesn’t know what the hell to do with it.

Floor picYou’ll embrace radical feminine badassery through sensual dance that is joyful, fun, fulfilling–a service of love to oneself and one’s chosen audience. You’ll learn the truth about cultural constructions of womanhood while you’re moving those hips. You’ll take a look in the mirror. You’ll think hard. You will discover your inner badass. You’ll tap your talent. You’ll expand your aptitudes. Better yet, your being will expand. Stop being who you are “supposed to be”– start being who you want to be. Take up space. Fuckin’ love yourself.

Speak your mind and dance your heart out: this is what Stripcraft Spellbook is all about.

What to expect from Stripcraft Spellbook?

  • Incantations: Written chapters of philosophical knowledge and personal experience
  • Demonstration videos–let me dance for you!
  • Instructional videos teaching foundational stripper-style movement
  • Spells: Thought and Movement homework
  • Shareable images and quotes to aid in your journey to extreme badassery
  • Links to all my interviews and articles in one convenient place

So homegirl, are you down for the revolution? Are you ready to cultivate your most powerful self?

Then click on the image below to subscribe to the free four-week Stripcraft Spellbook Teaser Series, as well exclusive updates on the pre-launch!

spellbook teaser

See you on the other side.

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