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“Stripcast–True Stories From A Stripper With A PhD” Goes LIVE TODAY!

Spellbook Redux helps you unleash the wild woman inside

Dudes, I’m so fuckin excited to share these stories with you.

Just know, you’re basically hearing the diaries of my heart, so I hope y’all will enjoy my emotional evisceration. It’s done with love 😉

I’ve been dancing in strip clubs across the South since the day I turned eighteen. That was half a lifetime ago. I am a mother, wife, business owner, former university instructor, and lifelong stripper. My name is Lux ATL–that’s Dr. Lindsay Byron if you’re nasty.

…And you can listen to my true stories of stripper joy, pain, and g-strings on my weekly podcast, Stripcast:True Stories from a Stripper with a PhD.


Stripcast #1In each episode, enjoy 20 minutes of raw, soul-baring, ass-shaking, love-making scandals and heartbreaks–the perfect story for your drive home from work!

I’ve got 7 episodes locked and loaded and ready for release each week (with two or three of them releasing this first week, then weekly after that). Want the stories to keep coming? Then this is how you can support my art in three simple steps:

1. If you have a second, download the episode NOW (even if you don’t get around to listening until a bit later). The first few days of downloads are really helpful with rankings and getting on the New and Noteworthy list on iTunes, which is critical for podcast success in a broader audience. We only have a short window for time that!

2. If you like it, I hope you’ll subscribe! In the weeks to come, expect episodes about my earliest lessons in the gritty realities of stripperdom, my re-entry into the industry as a PhD-toting doctor and mom, and of course–my favorite episode of the season so far–that one time I fucked and fell madly in love with another stripper.

3. Last, it’s super easy to rate/review, and this matters A TON with the Apple algorithms about what to promote/suggest. If you could leave me a review, that’d make a huge difference in the success of Stripcast.

Stripcast #2Stripcast is also available on Stitcher–please rate, review, and subscribe there as well, if that’s your preferred podcast listening vehicle.

Come listen to my wild tales, and I thank you for your attention, friend.

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