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Three-Legged Dog Reads Mean Tweets

Today marks the one year anniversary of my adoption of Moose, and he’s ready to get vicious!

It’s been a rough week for me in terms of internet harassment. Over the last few days, I’ve experienced yet another season of insane online abuse due to taking a public stance for the dignity of sex workers and opposing this shitty Hallmark card:

stripper card

After calling out this card as foul as fuck on my own Facebook page as well as on the original “isn’t this hilarious” post made by a radio station, I received a rapid-fire onslaught of horrible comments and inboxes. I won’t share all of them, because some of them are really too foul to read. I’ll be honest–this shit gets to me. However, I realize that this is a part of my life that’s not going away, and will in fact only get more intense the more successful I become.

So since I’m learning to let this shit roll off my back, I decided to let my vicious three-legged mutt give it to me straight.

Watch the cruel creature spit his venom here!

In other news, this is a big week for me!

Not only am I competing in the elite Miss Pole Dance America competition–I am also launching the presale of Stripcraft Spellbook!

spellbook cover

There is so much to tell you about the Stripcraft Spellbook…so I’ll keep it brief here–but if you want to be the first to know when the presale drops, subscribe to the interest list here–and you’ll also receive a free four-week teaser course!

I’ve developed an unprecedented course designed to drag you out of the doldrums and into the life you know you deserve. It’s called Stripcraft Spellbook. It’s one part feminist philosophy and one part stripper-style dance school and it will teach you how to tap your inner badass and bring the most to your life and the lives of others. As a part of Stripcraft Spellbook, you will change your body and your mind. And, most of all, you will be part of a cultural shift in the way womanhood is defined.

Let’s not be good girls. Let’s say fuck off to the status quo.

Here’s how Stripcraft Spellbook works: during our time together, I will teach you everything you need to know to cultivate your own female badassery. You’ll get the theoretical knowledge to build a foundation for your new, empowered mindset as well as the physical skills to express your primal sexy self through your body. All the while, you’ll be putting your new knowledge and new skills to work on one specific goal that you define at the beginning of the course. By the time we’re done, your life–and your outlook–will be totally transformed.

Stripcraft Spellbook is an interactive, multimedia experience designed to not only teach you all you need to know for your journey, but also to keep you on track along the way.

Want to join the revolution? Sign up here. You will receive all of the juicy details in a launch email very soon, and will be the first group privy to limited presale prices!

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