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How to Kill It In The Ass Selfie Game

Your desires for an ass selfie tutorial have been heard.

It’s no secret that my ass selfie game is on ten. Let me show you how to take your own badass belfies using my favorite tricks! Follow these guidelines and finally snap booty pics that do your ass justice.

Just click on the screencap below to hear my tips….

A HUGE THANK YOU to the hundreds of friends who responded to my Future of Lux survey last week!


Your voices were loud and clear: you excitement about my new workshop “Stripcraft: Pure Lapdance” (ready for tour in 2017) was matched only by your desire for a Stripcraft curriculum for pole instructors and studios! Another Smokey Mountains Stripcabin has got the US girls hype, and the public release of the Stripcraft Spellbook has everybody ready to rock! And you know what, I can’t fuckin wait to deliver. I am in full-time creative production mode. See you on the other side.

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