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Stripcraft Spellbook: Coming Soon + Teaser Video Debut

The last time I focused this hard on a single project, I earned a doctorate for it.

And now, I’m am just about ready to deliver all that knowledge in one beautiful package designed to speak to women just like you.

The Stripcraft Spellbook is nearly finished, and it’s about to drop this November.

Have you ever secretly suspected that you might be brilliant? Have you ever thought to yourself, I could really be somebody–if it wasn’t for this–or that? Have you ever felt as if you had to repress core parts of your being in order to fit some mold that turns out to be inevitably unsatisfying in the end? Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to take a risk and make an investment in manifesting exactly the life you desire?

Because look, girl, I’m here to tell ya–you can have it. Yes. You can.

“The Stripcraft Spellbook is an interactive, multimedia experience that combines sensual dancing (to include pole work if you’ve got a pole), mind, and body spells meant to ignite the parts of womanhood that have been repressed, for a worldwide network of women ready to change their lives – and the world,” writes Sonya Vatomsky in Dirge magazine.

Ready to join the revolution but want to know more? Are you curious about what the Stripcraft Spellbook includes?

here’s what you get:

The Spellbook is the foundation of the Stripcraft Spellbook experience. Available in digital format, and as a printable pdf, the Spellbook will guide you on an eight-phase journey of empowerment. Each phase contains:

Step-by-step instructions on how to create your best self. You’ll learn the specific framework and underlying principles for tapping into your ultimate badassery. No more guesswork!

These are intellectual challenges designed to inspire action to accomplish concrete goals.

These are video demonstrations and challenges from me. They are based in a fundamental stripper movement technique and correspond to the theme of each Incantation. This encourages you to integrate your mental and spiritual growth with your connection to your body (while you learn gorgeous, sexy dance in the meantime).

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be dropping a few previews of the gorgeous Spellbook in all its many iterations. Today, I’d love to start by sharing a teaser clip of one of the eight extensive movement tutorials included in the Spellbook. Just click the image to watch!

Learn more about this comprehensive program for the maximization of your personal badassery here!

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