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The Backstory and Motivation Behind the Stripcraft Spellbook

Today, I’d like to share with you the backstory of how the Stripcraft Spellbook came to be.

It has been an unconventional path from there to here–from stripper, to university instructor, back to stripper, to traveling feminist dance teacher/preacher, and now adding on podcaster and digital producer to that. I’ve gain a lot of knowledge and nurtured a lot of dreams along the way. This evening, join me on my front porch as I tell you why and how the Stripcraft Spellbook came to be, what it means to me, and what I hope it will mean to you.

As most of you know, I have spent my adult life doing two things professionally, and that is teaching and stripping. However, in both of those arenas, I wasn’t ever really working for the audience that I wanted to reach. I knew that I had knowledge that I wanted to share. I knew I really wanted to affect culture in a powerful way, for women in particular, but I knew that I wasn’t fully realizing my potential in reaching an audience that actually gave a fuck.

It was at this time that I was beginning to get really immersed in the pole community. That’s when I realized, oh my God, there’s this whole demographic of women who are ready and desirous for my message, for the knowledge that I can share, and for the help that I can give. That’s one thing that inspired me to do this.

Here’s another thing: I came to realize that my strength as a dancer was not crazy tricks. It was fundamental, sensual movement–real-deal, stripper style movement. That’s where I grew up. I did not learn this shit in a pole studio. I learned this on the Paper Moon stage, on the Oasis stage, on the Pink Pony stage. I grew up in strip club culture, and I came to realize that that kind of movement was something women wanted to experience.

Finally and importantly, the question that I get a lot from people is how did I get from there to here? It’s a pretty unconventional journey. When I quit the academy a few years ago, there was no model for the life that I wanted. I didn’t even know what I wanted. It took me about three years to forge the path. Now I understand. I understand the steps that it takes to identify, define, hone, and own your unique badassery.

I asked myself–how can I best use my talents and skills in the service of women? The Stripcraft Spellbook was the answer.



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