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Stripcabana 2018! It’s happening!

Adventure of a fuckin’ lifetime, right here.

It’s official.

I have signed the contract and paid the deposit on an utterly insane JUNGLE-BEACH MANSION just a short walk through THE FUCKIN RAINFOREST among friendly monkeys and toucans to literally one of BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD.

Stripcabana–it’s happening–March 2018! 


Wanna sexy dance through the open-air ballroom to the sound of tree frogs and the laughter of friends? Wanna take workshops on the terrace with the pole stars of your dreams? Wanna open your heart and mind to new friendships that will last a lifetime? Wanna watch humpback whales jump around the ocean? Wanna relax on a pristine beach with crystal clear waters lapping at your feet?

Word, I got you.

Introducing Stripcabana–a five-night retreat set in the gorgeous beachside jungle of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! Join Lux and friends for an unforgettable experience of growth, bonding, relaxation, and ridiculously good times in a wildly posh, just-constructed mansion fit for celebrities.


As usual, I will be bringing a beloved pole star (or two or three) with me to entertain and instruct. Every pole star included in any of my “Strip-” retreats is a current or former exotic dancer–this is an important part of my ethos. I’ve already got some amazing talent on board…I can’t wait to reveal who will be joining us in the jungle!

However, you absolutely do not have be a stripper to attend this retreat! Who can come? At my recent Stripcabin retreat, we had folks from all walks of life: a pediatrician, a doula, a mortician, and a stripper are just a few of the occupations our guests can claim! Women of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors will be represented at Stripcabana, as well as at all of my retreats.

And the good news is–you’ve got all the time in the world to save. This event is set forMarch 2018, and payments don’t start until Fall 2017. So start saving, and grab your fuckin snorkel.

I carefully curate each of my retreats to create groups with great chemistry and diversity on multiple planes. Don’t be afraid to share what makes you special on your application!


Curious what my retreats entail? Check out the webpage for Stripcabin to get a sense of what to expect. Be sure to cruise the FAQ!

Want proof of how amazing this experience will be? Check out this video and this photo album from the recent Stripcabin retreat in Tennessee to get a glimpse of the kind of fun we have.

Man, guys, 2016 has just been awesome as fuck. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

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