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Meet the Stripcabana crew!

When it comes to putting together an all-star cast, I don’t fuck around.

Group dynamic is everything when it comes to an unforgettable retreat. I choose very carefully when selecting the women I want to dance and teach alongside me.

I’ve always got a few names knocking around my head when it comes to envisioning future events. When I conceived of a jungle-beach party in the heart of paradise in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, I knew exactly who I wanted to bring south of the border with me… a bunch of California girls!

Introducing… your Stripcabana crew!


The Queen of Sexy herself, Annemarie Davies!
Annemarie–or AMD as we like to call her–has been pole dancing since 2002, originally as a stripper. She won Entertainer of the year for Spearmint Rhino in 2006 and has been moonlighting at Jumbo’s Clown Room since 2007. AMD is also the founder and CEO of United Pole Artists (2009) and dedicates her life to the pole industry, to feminism and to raising awareness on both subjects.


Crowd-pleasing dare-devil Nadia Sharif!
Nadia is a world traveling pole artist that has made full time living from judging, performing and teaching pole dance. She is a pole scientist that loves her music loud and her heels high.


The delightful and bubbly badass Brynn Route!
Brynn is a performer and instructor with 17 years of a combined background in gymnastics, contortion, pole, and circus arts. She thrives on sharing what she loves with others through performing and teaching, and cherishes any chance to create creepy, sexy art with fellow weirdos.

Damn, it is such an honor to have these consummate entertainers, teachers, and friends together to help me create an experience you pals will never forget. AMD, Nadia, Brynn, and I are ready to let it all hang out in Costa Rica, March 2018, and we hope you are too!

Will you be one of the lucky women to join us for five nights of epic adventures and all-inclusive luxury as we dance and play in a brand-new mansion cabana set in the lush jungle just a short walk from one of the best beaches in the world? Will you make friends with the monkeys and sloths who visit our home? Will you watch whales jump through the ocean as we cruise on a sunset catamaran tour? Will you trek through the jungle with local guides to find the waterfalls and the suspension bridge? Will you heel clack your heart out with your favorite pole stars on a terrace overlooking the ocean? Will you share secrets over a glass of wine in the infinity pool? Will you make friends you’ll always keep and have an experience you’ll never forget?

‘Cause I know I’ll be doing all of this.

Hope to see you there.

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