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A look back at the ups and downs of 2016

I’m giving myself ten minutes and ten minutes only to write this retrospective.

I have a tendency to be verbose, so I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet. While 2016 has been a shit show on the national and global stage, for me personally, it’s been…the best year of my life? Certainly the most professionally successful. And talk about adventure! However, there were some shitty spots, too, so I’ll include those in my list as well.

Behold, the most profound shit to happen to me in 2016:

  • emptied my savings account completely to hire a business coach whose advice and connections enabled me reach a totally new level in my business. Started year with zero dollars; ended year with more dollars than I’ve ever had in my life.
  • speaking of business, I fuckin incorporated: I am the CEO of Stripcraft Corp, to be exact!
  • speaking of Stripcraft, I trademarked that shit, so nobody can bite my genius wordsmithery
  • I competed in Miss Pole Dance America among the greatest in the industry, felt amazing about the whole experience and lived a dream by being on that stage among those people
  • oops: I also fell down a dozen metal stairs and destroyed the shoulder on my dominant arm, permanently disabling me in my ability to do pole tricks
  • that’s all good though–I ain’t built my empire on pole tricks. I toured my fucking ass off this year, making a cross-country national-park-hopping road trip with my family for the US tour, spending over 70 nearly-consecutive days on tour over June and July, travelling over 15 thousand miles and making friends and adventures all over the damn place
  • oh shit, I also produced the Stripcraft Spellbook, a multimedia feminist tome of intellectual and bodily wisdom and an epic undertaking that took up the majority of my energy in 2016
  • fuckin STRIPCAST! Man, my podcast is some of my favorite art I’ve ever produced. I made it my goal to produce one episode a week for one straight year starting in March 2016, and so far so good–we’re about to release episode 39 this Wednesday!
  • Speaking of favorite art, at the end of 2016, I teamed up with Atlanta-based badass musicians CLAVVS as well as my friends at The Boudoir Studio to produce a short film called “I’m On Fire.” Part narrative, part music video, part representation of the skills I teach across this big wide world, this short film is my favorite art I’ve created all year.
  • Holy moly, who could forget the RETREATS! After beta-testing the concept with my MPDA fundraiser–the original Stripcabin–I decided to take it up a notch, rent a much larger and more lavish lodge, provide workshops, food, and entertainment with Stripcabin in November 2016. What a success! Lifelong friends made! Lapdances galore! Since then, I have planned and sold out two sessions a piece of two other retreats: Stripcabin 2017, and Stripcabana 2018 in Costa Rica. In total, I have sold 94 retreat tickets. Wow. Just calculating that right now–blows my own damn mind.
  • I went to Jamaica with Dance Wicked For a Week and spent the whole time frolicking nude with my pals at the awesome resort Hedonism II.
  • I went from a one-woman operation in January 2016, to a business in which I pay at least four contractors monthly to help me run this business by December 2017.

It probably won’t surprise you that I’ve exceeded my ten-minute writing limit, so I’m gonna wrap it up there.

Here’s looking at you, 2016.





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