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Last Chance To Apply For Stripcastle Scholarship!

I am GIVING AWAY a spot in Stripcastle to a deserving candidate. Will that person be you?

This story starts kinda crappy, but you’re gonna LOVE the ending.

Several days ago, I made a post that someone didn’t like; she was very vocal about that, and unfriended me. It happens. It also happens that this woman had been signed up for Stripcastle, but had however ghosted on payment when the time came to collect. No biggie, we continued on friendly for weeks to follow. However, after my recent post made her mad, she decided that I have “stolen” her contractually non-refundable deposit–and preceded to launch an apparent and public day(s?)-long defamation campaign against me, calling me a “shady business person” who “screws over her clients.” I won’t name this woman, because I have no interest in bothering her; however, the situation did leave me with some negative feelings that I want to manifest into positivity. Yesterday, I took a hike to meditate upon how I could turn this bad juju into something sweet.

And you know what? I figured it out.

n the open spot left behind by the woman currently defaming me as a shady businesswoman who screws her clients, I am excited to offer a FULL SCHOLARSHIP TO STRIPCASTLE, session 2, June 22 – 26!

Maybe you’re thinking–I’d love to go…but I can’t afford it. So just let me repeat:

It’s on me.

That’s right. IT’S ON ME.

The only thing you have to provide is your transportation to the castle. I have set up private FB groups for each session to help arrange carpooling/train rides/etc once in the UK.

In case you’ve forgotten: Stripcastle takes place in a 200 YEAR OLD CASTLE IN SCOTLAND where some of the greatest pole stars of all time will be dancing, straight chillin, and teaching for four glorious nights–including ultimate icons Felix Cane and Alethea Austin, and up-and-coming trap queen, Miss Kitty Velour.


There will be only one scholarship recipient. There is a short-answer/essay application process available HERE. I have enlisted outside judges of high esteem to make the decision, because I have too many close friendships with too many of you to judge without conflict of interest.


Do you really need something like this in your life? Do you want to frolic tits-out in a castle with some badass queens?

I’m GIVING this motherfucker away, all amenities (full catering, photoshoot, massage, workshops) included.


THERE ARE THREE OPEN SPOTS IN STRIPCASTLE SESSION ONE FOR SALE! If you would like to be considered for one of these spots, please make a note of that on your scholarship application.

Confused about what this retreat entails? Visit the Stripcastle webpage here!

I am happy to be able to provide this scholarship, and excited to find out which amazing woman will be joining us in this one-in-a-lifetime experience!

Until then, I remain,

Yours in counterculture feminism and beyond,

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