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Queens Of Atlanta Tour!

Pole fam and ATLiens alike! Y’all know ATL is my muhfuggin’ name, right?

Pole Con is coming. SPC is coming. The pole world is about to descend upon Atlanta in one short week. Come ride around the Dirty South with two baddies who know the city best: yours truly, and my longtime homegirl, the world-famous FiyaStarta, aka Torwa Joe.

Pile into THE PARTY BUS and let’s roll deep through the A. We’ll cruise city skylines, local treasures, and most importantly, STRIP CLUBS. Did I mention there’s a pole on the bus for those who feel inspired?

queens 2.jpg

You *know* our city has a strip club culture like no other. And y’all *know* I like to throw money. FiyaStarta and I got all the connections in the world in this club scene. Come meet our friends.

And PS: the “Best Stripper in Atlanta” 2015 and 2016 will be providing entertainment on the party wagon… 

But wait: we’ve only got room for 30 of y’all to roll with us on the VIP transport–and we have less than FIVE spots remaining!


Leave the Hyatt (host of PoleCon 2017) directly after the Black Girls Pole showcase at 11 pm. Hit the fckn city, support the founding mothers of this industry in glorious full-nude fashion bc the A don’t fuck around, take some selfies at some landmarks n shit, dance in a moving vehicle, prob hit up a Waffle House ’cause it is the Dirty South after all, then get y’all back to your hotel beds before the sun rises.


Until then, I remain,
Yours in counterculture feminism and beyond,

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