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Owning Your Story And Why It Matters

Today, I want to talk to you about owning your own story, and why that matters.

We often get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others, misunderstanding others’ roadmaps to success as the necessary path of our own, that we fail to mine our own wisdom and amplify our own greatness because we are too busy being insecure about other people. Today, I’d like to have a quick, three-minute chat with you about finding your own story, and why that matters.

Complete with a parable from my parenting life.

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Knowing your own unique story and maximizing the qualities which only you possess opens doors and creates opportunities. Give folks a story they can at once relate to–yet feel as if they have never seen before–and you will create a sense of commonality with you that they won’t forget.

Want to learn how to own your story?

Join us at Stripcoast next June 2018–my most intimate retreat yet.

Twelve guests will join Lux and friends for a five-night all-inclusive retreat in an ocean-front beach cottage where the wild horses roam! Meet us in the Outer Banks, where each guest will receive one-on-one coaching time with me, as well as workshops with me and two special guest teachers (to be announced very, very soon), as we focus our energies on developing special lessons for each of us to share with the other guests in a closing-night LuxTalk series.

“Lux” is Latin for “light”–and with this creative challenge, I invite all Stripcoast guests to share a mini TED-style talk in which they illuminate a grain of their unique wisdom for the benefit of the other guests. Workshops–plus plenty of free writing time–will help you compose exactly the message you wish to send…and in the process, you’ll grow a greater self-awareness of your own gifts and talents.

This retreat will be like none of my others. I’m so excited to embark on what is sure to be a deeply instructional and inspiring journey with a small group of women who are ready to invest in themselves and each other.

Hope to see you there.

Until then, I remain,
Yours in Counterculture Feminism and Beyond,


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