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I’m Evolving…Let Me Show You What’s Next

I’ve been investing in myself, cultivating my own greatness.

And guess who benefits?

Both of us, actually.

As a teacher, I’m always growing and learning….watching my sisters, feeding off their desires, learning where they want to go …taking time for myself to learn from other teachers–brilliant women such as sensuality coach Rashida KhanBey and life coach Susan Hyatt…devouting the hours to meditation, journaling, walks in the woods and dreaming big….Indeed, I am in a season of learning, and I want to bring you with me–up my game, and in turn, up yours as well.

As I evolve and expand, I want you to know: I’m doing this–so I can help you do this. My growth is yours. 

One way I want to implement my newest visions? LEVELING UP THE RETREATS.

While the exciting locations and luxury accommodations, hand-picked guest list, wylin-out opening party, photoshoots, massages, expertly-lead workshops, delicious meals, and all-inclusive goodness that you’ve come to expect from my Strip- retreats ain’t going nowhere, here are some new elements you can come to expect:

  • Creative Challenges: Over the course of each retreat, guests will have the opportunity to create and share something they can be proud of–from mini “LUXTalks” in which students take the podium to  share a grain of their unique wisdom, to a special live podcast episode in which retreaters tell their wildest stories, to an anything-goes Talent Show where guests can twirl the baton, sing their hearts out, shake their money-makers–the choice is yours!
  • Workshops that equip students with the skills to not only produce the Creative Challenges, but moreover increase their badassery in their wider life. Whether that’s a storytelling workshop, a stage presence class, or an afternoon of sexy floorwork, guests will hone skills that not only help them complete their Creative Challenges, but moreover extend toward the manifestation of exactly the life they want.
  • Smaller group retreats: I’m going to start offering smaller group retreats limited to a dozen or less guests alongside my classic 18-guest model to allow for greater personal attention.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with me at these smaller retreats.
  • Field trips to local treasures–a hike through the Costa Rican jungle, a drive down the beach alongside wild horses, a night strutting the streets of the French Quarter in full queen mode…we’re going to unforgettable locations and experiencing them together.

At my prior retreats–Stripcabin 2016 and Stripcastle 2017–tears were shed, laughter was shared, secrets told and bonds formed, all in a hot tub under the stars, or on the stairs of an ancient castle, or in a four-poster bed in the middle-of-the-night amid handfuls of popcorn and glasses of wine. What unforgettable experiences we have shared.

I’m so ready to do it again, on the next level. I hope you’ll join me.

I will be releasing a brand new retreat called Stripcoast in the weeks to come.

Until then, I remain,

Yours in Counterculture Feminism and Beyond,

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