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Pole Expo 2017

This year marked my fifth Pole Expo! I’ve seen a lot in this pole world–and I’ve changed a lot too, in the meantime!

Come along with me on a journey through my career as well as the changing landscape of pole community, which features photos of your favorite old school parties (Bad Kitty suite, anyone?), old-school stars, and outfits of slayage through the ages.

2013 was my first Pole Expo, held at the Palms where every bed had a mirror above it! I attended strictly as an old school stripper new to the pole community! Who remembers Expo the Palms? 


This was my first Expo, and I was so stoked to get invited to this Bad Kitty afterparty by BK owner Jack Gaffney! Jack has since become a great friend of mine. At this 2013 party, the BK suite had a bowling alley and poles on the bar. The pole stars of your dreams hopped on the bar and danced. I was in awe. No one had any idea who I was, but I was sure happy to be among the stars.

As the party went into the early hours, I hung out with Karol Helms for the first time ever. Might as well have been hanging out with fuckin’ Elvis. Celebrity status! Like Jack, Karol has also become a dear pal, and we have vacationed together in Jamaica for the last two years in a row!

Pole Expo 2014 was the last year at the Palms. At this point, I was linking up with some heavy hitters in the pole world. This was the year strangers started recognizing me. I wasn’t teaching at Expo yet, however. In the photo below, I am stoked to be hanging out with two of my early pole idols Karol Helms and Alethea Austin, along with our pal Rosie!

As you can see, I was also tan AF during this period of my life, because this time period represents one of the great heights of my stripping career. At this point I was working at the Cheetah and literally laying in tanning beds on a regular basis in the year 20-fuckin-14 WTF WAS I THINKING but damn I did look good and was def stacking those bills tho..

Next up, Pole Expo 2015–the first year I taught a workshop at Expo! Can you believe I’ve been teaching Stripcraft for over two years now?! Stripcraft was a baby back in 2015! I met a lot of pals in this first Expo workshop, including one of my besties internationally, the Irish badass burlesque babe and pole dancing queen, Arlene Caffrey! Can you spot her in the pic below?

Bad Kitty had yet another party and therefore I had to wallow around on the pool table and Dakota Fox had to lick my boob. Priorities.

At Pole Expo 2016, I taught Stripcraft yet again–but twice this time! I had to bring the ladies to my room on the second session to complete the lap dance portion. Click on the image below to watch the infamous live feed!

This was an exciting year for me, because by this point, strangers were getting my tattoos tattooed on them, so you could say I’d made it. I also remember at this point I had just sold out the second session of Stripcastle and was feeling really good.

Had to roll deep with my old pals Karol and Alethea once again. #PoleFam

And that brings us to present day, Pole Expo 2017! This year, I knew I had to stunt for the people. So I had a bangin’ dress made for the event.

This time I taught three workshops, so I was a very busy girl!

Of course I had to bring the Stripcraft party to my room. Wanna watch the live video? Click on the screenshot below! Woo hoo!

Obviously I had to rub elbows with the goddesses and gods of this industry, as usual… Suwasit, Joe, Alethea….

What great memories! What a family! What a beautiful era of pole!

I won’t be travelling as much next year as I focus on my writing and my retreats, but Pole Expo–you’ve sure treated me well. <3 <3 <3

I just opened up reservations to a select group of Stripcoast applicants today and we already have only three spots remaining. Want access to the retreat details and application? Reply to this email with the subject line “Stripcoast Application Please!” and I’ll get it to you ASAP. Act fast, because this retreat has almost sold out in less than 8 hours.

Thanks for coming on this wild journey with me today!

Yours in Counterculture Feminism and Beyond,



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