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Introducing The Get You Some Culture Book Club

“He ain’t got no culture,” my PawPaw used to say when it came to a person lacking in intellectual sophistication.

Often when engaging with folks on topics relevant to today’s current events–gender, race, sexual identity, our place in history–I think: if only this person had read some books, they’d be way more informed on this topic. And I don’t just mean history books and collections of facts. Indeed, fiction can give us great insight into the fears and desires of our culture. Since novelists are “only writing stories,” after all, they are often able to speak the consciousness of a culture more freely.

That’s why I’m starting the Get You Some Culture Book Club!

The Get You Some Culture Book Club will operate on a three-month semester model, with one primary work assigned each month. Each semester will be organized according to a theme. There will be no tests and no grades but there will be lots of real learning! The book club will entail the following elements:

  • a monthly message from Lux featuring an introduction to the novel of the month, study guide/discussion questions, and links to a handful of optional secondary readings.
  • a monthly live call in which all members hop on for an hour of delightful intellectualism and the occasional dirty joke.
  • a Facebook group featuring discussions lead by me and my moderators.

Through those many long years teaching English, always in the back of the class I’d find two or three students nodding silently. I certainly look forward to sharing some of the works that have changed my life with an entire group comprised of nodding students who get it!

How much will membership in the Get You Some Culture Book Club cost? 

$40/month paid in three monthly installments, or $100 for three months, paid in full. Sign up here if you want in!

Consider it a college course with none of the stress but all the education, taught by your favorite feminist stripper with a PhD!

Many of you have told me–I wish I had you as my professor. Well, here’s your chance.

Want to feel like more informed on issues rocking our world? Want to hear stories from women of many colors, nationalities, backgrounds? Want to read riveting powerhouses of literature and have deep convos about books with friends? Want to make more smart friends? Sign up here for the Book Club!

Class starts in February. Info heading out to the interest list within a week!

I’m starting a social media network for women. Want in?

As you may have noticed, I’m banned from Facebook again. And yet again, this ban is over a photo that   complies fully with community standards. I’ll go into more detail on this situation in a later email, but suffice   to say, this recent ban has only fueled my fire for a creation of a new social media network for women. I am   creating this network in partnership with my fellow Danville native, lifelong friend (seriously, I’ve known this   woman since we were eight), and badass lawyer, Lauren Turner–more about Lauren in an upcoming email, as   well, but for now just know: we are heads-down working on this project and want to design a space that fills   your needs and desires.

I have so many more details for you to come, but for now–if you are interested in being part of the new   social media network for women by women, a space where you can express yourself without   being paternalistically reprimanded, a place that does not treat your body or thoughts like profanity, then SIGN UP FOR THE BOOK CLUB HERE!

If you’re wondering if you belong in a social network for women, ask yourself: do I identify as a woman? Am I living a woman’s life? If you are a woman, then you belong. Women of all iterations welcome.

Here, you can share your wildest dreams for a woman’s social network and I will read every word personally, and work on building an online safe haven that becomes your favorite virtual home.

Can’t even tell you how excited I am about this project. I think it might just change the fucking world.

Let’s talk about this soon.

Until then, I remain,
Yours in Counterculture Feminism and Beyond,


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