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How I Went from a Full-Time Stripper to a Six-Figure Biz Owner in 2 Years

Dare to believe that your vision is worth your investment.

Let me tell you a story of how I went from full-time stripper to a six-figure entrepreneur in two years.

I had a vision. I wanted to travel the world, sharing my wisdom with as many women as possible, helping women to learn the lessons of self-love I’ve learned the hard way. I wanted to change women’s lives.

And I wanted to change my own life, as well.

I didn’t want to work in the club anymore. I’d spent my life slinging lap dances, and I was over it. I had developed a decent following online–and had the sense from a few small but successful Stripcraft tours that I could make a go of this whole “Lux ATL” thing–if only I had the bravery to go ALL IN.

No more stripping. A living wage. Work I could be proud off. Travel to exotic locations. New friends to fall in love with all over the world. I had a vision.

But I needed help.

I’m going to be completely transparent with y’all right now.

In 2015, I had about eight grand in savings. I’d met a business coach named Rachel Rogers through a friend of mine, and was really interested in what she was slinging. She promised me she could help me move my Lux ATL brand from a part-time gig with part-time pay to a full-time business that supports both my clientele as well as my family. When I first received her proposal and saw the price, I thought, “Okay, I can handle that.”

But wait–that price I thought I could handle–yeah, that was the per monthpayment. Not the total payment. #oops

When I realized how much her services actually cost–that that number on her proposal represented the monthly and not the total payment–I also realized: to pay this woman for her coaching will cost literally every dime in my savings account. (PS. what Rachel charged me in 2015 is a fraction of what she charges now, so don’t get it twisted on her prices!)

But, despite this huge investment it would require to work with this woman–I believed she could help me grow my business. Help me reach that vision I had for myself. I needed help.

I believed in myself. I believed that, with the right guidance and education–I could make this whole “Lux ATL” thing work.

And so I cut a big check to this business coach. I took a risk. I was nervous. I was also excited. There could have been two outcomes:

I pay this woman the last of my savings and end up with no growth. I wasted my money.

Or I pay her the last of my savings and my business grows, and that money was a good investment.

Y’all know how this story ends. How I recouped my investment within the first two months. How I DOUBLED my income in a year. TRIPLED it the next year. How I am now doing more meaningful work than I ever dreamed possible, living larger than I ever thought I could.

And why? Because hiring a business coach is magic?

No. Hiring a business coach is great–but that’s not the action that truly changed my life. Hiring that coach–was one aspect of the action that changed my life.

What was that action?

How exactly did I go from full-time stripper to a six-figure entrepreneur in two years?

I dared to believe that my vision was worth my investment.

My investment of time. Dedication. Creative energy. Working like it was my career before it was my career. Investing my heart and my money. Betting on myself.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to build a biz, an artist with a hope of reaching the people, or just somebody with some wild dreams you want to invite out to play…

I dare you to do the same.

Bet on yourself.

Until then, I remain,
Yours in counterculture feminism and beyond,


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