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APPLICATIONS NOW LIVE For Stripcabin 2018!

Stripcabin 2018 applications are NOW LIVE SOLD OUT

Get in while ya can–these retreats sell out quickly!

I have had a lot of amazing times in my life, but Stripcabin is way at the top. I wasn’t originally planning to do this event in 2018, but last year’s Stripcabin sessions were so amazing, I had to rebook!

Stripcabin 2018 will take place on September 13 – 16th!

This retreat is already close to sold out through alumni and private list alone. However, a handful of spots remain…will one be yours?

You can find all the details.

Wondering if Stripcabin is for you? Check out what past guests have to say….

“With Stripcabin, Lux ATL creates a safe, inclusive space where women can express themselves. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll twerk whilst standing on your head. You’ll drink wine in a hot tub with with most diverse, inspiring women from across America and the world. And it’s all made possible by the incomparable Lux ATL. You will never be the same again after experiencing Stripcabin.” –Pippa


“I didn’t know it could be like this. I have awesome female friends and I’ve been to nice “women’s circles” and actually my training group for therapy is nearly all women… and I still didn’t know it could be like this. I didn’t know we could be like that for each other. That there are alternate ways of building communities, being vulnerable, being sexual.” –Vee


“Today I woke up, worked a full day, went to the studio, and set up my journal again. I made a plan for fixing my shit. And I set up a separate savings account with an automatic deduction plan to get me to Stripcabin again next year because I just can’t imagine missing this now. It’s fixing me in places I didn’t know were broken.”

This 3-night all-inclusive luxury retreat take place in an expansive log mansion with not one but two hot tubs…..oh, did I mention the indoor pool? The 20-seat indoor theater? Did I mention…OUR SEXY WORKSHOPS ARE IN THE WEDDING CHAPEL?! Did I will dance til dawn, cry tears of joy, share your soul with beloved new sisters, and flat-out have a damned good time?

WANT IN? Good, I want you in, too.

Acceptances will starting rolling out this week for the few spots we have remaining!

See you at Stripcabin!

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