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We’re Moving Forward with the Social Network for Women!

We’re coming in hot with an update on the social media network for women. Designers, collaborators, ambassadors, and mansions, oh my!


As we work to amass the talent we need to build the technical part of the network, and to curate the team that will keep it thriving, we are ever reminded that female badassery spans continents. Like, lit-er-all-y. Here’s what’s been going on:


One of our major successes during the last week was identifying a graphic designer and illustrator who will bring the network to life. This gal works, plays, and makes beautiful art in a far-off land. As a woman in the world, she immediately identified with our mission, and as a professional artist she was thrilled to take our vision and make it pretty. We just got initial drafts of the logo and branding and we are thrilled. It’s snappy, and evocative, and lovely to look at. We can’t wait to share it with you (soon!).

Connecting and Collaborating

We also spent the last week engaging with women in business who identify so strongly with the need for this network, and are (already) so invested in its success, that they are offering invaluable insight on fundraising, team-building, and staying sane whilst raging against the brogramming machine. Hearing from so many women who believe in what we are doing, and who can’t wait for us to get it done stokes our passion for this project and keeps us plugging through the challenges.


One of the features of the network that we are most excited about is our team of ambassadors. There’s not a whole lot we can say about them and what they’re working on just yet, but know that you’ve got lots to look forward to. Want to keep your finger on the pulse of feminist activism? Want to learn what you don’t yet know (but know you should) from the women who know it best? Want exclusive photo and video content on all kinds of topics from your favorite international pole dancers, feminist activists, and thinkers? Want to see my boobs without a stupid emoji over the nips?  Yeah, we figured you might…


Without getting into too much detail let’s just say that some mansions were toured over the weekend. Aaaaaand, we might be getting our gala on at the home of a former musical legend whose quirky sense of aesthetics and penchant for grandeur will create the perfect backdrop for some sexy fundraising. Keep your eyes on the newsletter for more details on that.

Here’s how to get involved

  • Plan on attending our gala and share this project with the women in your life who might be interested. We can’t get enough of your emotional support and encouragement (seriously, keep it coming!), but much of this endeavor demands cold hard cash. So, plan on coming to party with us and be a part of building a revolutionary space for women.
  • We are still interested in hearing from women who have experience with online application development for both short and long-term work. Even if you aren’t a developer, but you know one (or many) whose ideals align with our mission and who have the technical experience to get the work done, please ask them to get in touch! If you’ve already reached out and haven’t heard back from us yet, hang in there. We’re building a list and you’ll hear from us soon!
  • Keep spreading the good word and get ready to take part in some seriously fun and envelope-pushing viral marketing that you can feel good about. Letting folks know what we’re up to is the most important job we have at the moment and it’s up to all of us to bring more women into the fold.
  • You can always just show us some love at!

Sisters–we’re doing this together! Thank you so very much for being our friends, cheerleaders, and yes, even our team in the completion of this ambitious and necessary project!See you on the social network for women!

Until then, I remain,
Yours in counterculture feminism and beyond,

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