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The Company You Keep

Are you actively surrounding yourself with folks who inspire you–or nah?

Take a look at the people in your circle. Are they living lives you respect, even aspire to achieve? Do you believe in what they stand for? Do you look at the folks in your life and think–wow, there is so much to learn from them!

If not–I’m talking to you.

Yes, you. The one who gives and gives and gives but rarely receives. The one counseling one friend after another, wondering–when the hell do I get my turn? The one whose goals are so big that you keep them to yourself, lest you make anyone feel inadequate….

Yes, you.

And I’m asking you today:

Are you surrounding yourself with folks who inspire you?

Be real in your answer.

If the answer is no, then listen up.

And if the answer is yes–then good on you! But listen up, anyways. Because even if you feel secure in the power of your circle–honey, there’s always room for more.

A few weekends ago, I attended Susan Hyatt’s Galantine’s Dinner in Nashville, an intimate event designed to bring together badass women from all walks of life for a fancy night of high-end food and highly intelligent conversation. I paid a few hundred dollars and drove four hours to attend this dinner–and why? Hell, I already know great people in my own city, and indeed, all over the world!

The reason I attended this dinner is this:

I can’t get enough of women in my life who are on my level. Women with big plans like me. Women with ambition. Style. Vision. And I know Susan always attracts a primo crowd.

As I mingled with the other guests, each of them stunning in their own ways, my assumption about the guest list was reaffirmed: Susan attracts great women, indeed! Some of the new friends I met included the world’s number one female ultra marathon runner (THIS WOMAN RUNS LITERALLY 200 MILES AT A TIME–and she’s the only woman in the world doing it!), a jewelry designer with decades of experience whose handmade pieces will take your breath away, a mother whose adoption journey has turned the lives around for more than one beautiful child; hell, I even met a former school teacher who told me a side-splitting story about field trip to Graceland that ended with a kid taking a dip in Elvis’s pool!

I walked away from this dinner feeling as if I’d not only made friends with bright, fascinating women, but moreover had grown my network of professionals and artists for future collaboration. In fact, that amazing jewelry designer is working on a gorgeous piece for me as we speak (do yourself a favor and check out to see what I mean–can you believe that unicorn pendant, though!)–and I’m in discussions with the former teacher (and current life coach) about arranging an event together!

So, how does CAREFULLY CULTIVATING YOUR CIRCLE OF POWER make a difference in your life?
1. Surrounding yourself with women you admire helps you see what goals look like in action. They set your bar higher without you even knowing it.
2. Spending time with inspiring new friends enables you understand more clearly what you are capable of accomplishing.
3. Creating a bank of people that you trust opens rich avenues for mentorships, collaborations, and loving support.

I promise you, my friends–every bit of awesomeness you see come from me–is the result of the work and support of the many great women I have brought into my circle of power. I am doing literally NONE of this alone. Writing my manuscript? I send that shit to my agents–two badasses with incisive editing skills and a wealth of publishing knowledge. Planning an event? I hit up my assistant (whom I met originally when she attended Stripcabin!), who is a boss at wrangling property managers and caterers. Figuring out my next step in my business? I’m calling my manager Tressa, who is hugely instrumental behind the scenes. Got great ideas for the social network? I’m texting my partner and lifelong friend Lauren for her input. Want a friend to listen to me gripe? My internet bestie ST Shimi can definitely relate (thanks from one grumbling feminist to another!).

After attending Susan’s Galantine’s dinner, I couldn’t help thinking–why am I not using my access to so many great women worldwide to bring them together at a more affordable, lower-commitment event than I am currently offering? At this juncture, the only way clients can engage me one-on-one is via a retreat, which WHILE AMAZING AND THE BEST SHIT THAT I’VE EVER PRODUCED, nonetheless requires a real investment of cash and commitment on the part of the guest. What about the women who are curious, but maybe not ready to jump in for a full retreat yet? What about the women who can take off a night, but maybe not a week, to spend time with me? I need new options for folks to access me at different levels!

And so I’ve decided–I’m going to start hosting my own dinners at several major cities in the US this year!

Plans are already in the works–and believe me–these events are going to be way more than just five-star food (though there will be feasting!).

Stay tuned for more details on these dinners within the week!

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