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Stripcabana 2019 is HAPPENING!

I’ve hosted luxury retreats for women all over the world, but Stripcabana 2018 was hands-downs the most mind-blowingly opulent, extravagant, ADVENTUROUS (jump off a waterfall, anyone?), and flat-out FUN trip of my whole damn life.

So–we’re gonna do it again!

From April 7 – 12, 2019, twenty wild women will gather for a five night, six day luxury getaway + personal growth retreat set in a gorgeous and expansive villa located in the lush Costa Rican jungle just a short hike from one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see!

Dance the night away on our open-air big-ass balcony with surround sound and party lights. Go boogie boarding with ya girl after breakfast (but get ready, ’cause those Costa Rican waves don’t play!). Drink mojitos topless by the pool while Chef Javier prepares your filet mignon, scale a 400 foot suspension bridge through the rainforest, LIVE YO BEST LIFE. Pack your sexy outfits, and keep em skimpy–it’s hot in the jungle, baby!

But don’t let me tell you what an amazing experience Stripcabana is. Listen to what a few of my Stripcabana 2018 guests had to say (all feedback on my retreats, btw, is 100% unsolicited):

“Stripcabana was, no lie, the most joyful week of my life. I saw monkeys and sloths and macaws and tree frogs. I stargazed under a sky free of light pollution for the first time since I left Montana. I jumped off the kind of waterfalls I’ve been ogling on Pinterest. I took movement workshops from OGs and went skinny-dipping in the most gorgeous infinity pool in the world. I was massaged and photographed like some kind of fancy person. I danced on the balcony of an insanely gorgeous mansion in the jungle. But those luxuries, those were promised with the trip. Those were the on-paper luxuries. The real luxury of this trip was the chance to be unguarded and present with like-minded women. That was the real meat of Stripcabana. I had deep, intense, wonderful conversations with deep, intense, wonderful women. My chosen family tree grew new branches that extend across the globe. I got to know some of my personal role models, all of whom were kind, generous, and so knowledgeable. I cried on a lot of new friends. I was not just allowed, but continuously encouraged to be honest, vulnerable, and open. I wasn’t allowed to be hard on myself, but instead was offered compassion, acceptance, and community. I’m endlessly grateful for the friendship of the women I met at this retreat.”

“That week in Costa Rica was a breath of fresh air. I wasn’t a young black woman struggling financially or emotionally. I wasn’t always busy & always tired & always obligated to do things. I wasn’t questioning myself. I wasn’t hurting inside. I was just being me. Living my best life is an understatement. Catharsis doesn’t describe what I felt. These women, this place made me feel a beauty & inner peace that is still growing within.”

“In one week, all of us ladies met up as strangers. Coming from different countries, backgrounds, and walks of life. Last night we spent an hour crying and sharing with each other how much we had all grown to love one another and the gratitude we felt for our newfound sisters. Thank you LuxATL for providing a location for us to all meet, learn, grow, and love. You beautiful women will forever have a spot in my heart.”

You’ll find many more of these reviews on the Stripcabana page, where you will also find all the details you need.

This retreat has SOLD OUT for 2019!

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