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Select From Off The Menu

What if what you wanted–was something you never knew existed?

Click the video below and give me sixty seconds to convince you to dare to select from off the menu.

We grow up thinking there’s a menu of options, a list of lives we can potentially lead. Depending on any number of factors, that menu looks different from one person to the next. Regardless of these differences, most of us come to accept that there are a set number of options, of ways of being in the world, and we do our best to select most wisely from those. This notion of a menu affects both our professional as well as personal choices–and closes doors to opportunities long before we allow them to open. There’s a limited menu of options, we think, and most people never select from off the menu presented to them because they do not know that they have the option to.

Now here’s where I come in.

Be it through my retreats, my social posts, videos and essays and other art, my calling in this world is to help light the spark in you to have the confidence, the faith, the goddamned bravery, to realize that the menu is an illusion and a tool of social control, and thus choose to live exactly the life you wish. This looks different for different people. For some of my clients, it might mean ending an unhappy relationship even though it would be “easier” on everyone if she stayed. For others, this means a career change. For others, it means more than anything a shift in the way they understand themselves, the story of who they are. I want you to witness through my example, I want you to learn through our experiences together, I was you to believe from the preaching I lay down–that’s there’s a WHOLE BIG WORLD beyond the fucking menu that you never knew existed.

Sound like something you could be into? Want to experience this growth on the shores of the gorgeous Outer Banks of North Carolina next summer?Then email me at with the subject line, “Stripcoast Please!”

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