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I’m Growing. Let Me Show You Exactly What That Looks Like.

Hey, girl. Let me ask you some real shit.

Do you ever find yourself thinking….

life is fine–

and that sucks?

You did the thing. You made the accomplishments. You got the degree, or the job, or the partner, or a combination of these or other landmarks that you felt certain would make you feel whole. And yet–here you are–feeling…

Not whole?


kinda fucking bored?

You want to feel alive.

You want fun and adventure.

You want to explore your desires. Your gifts.

Hell, you’d like some friends to do it with

and we all know how hard it can be to make friends as a grown-up….

You remember the badass firecracker you used to be, that woman you put on the shelf back in ’07–or maybe it was ’97? Or maybe you never took off the shelf at all. She may be covered in a layer of dust–but she’s in there. She comes out to play sometimes. She just can’t resist. She’s the one dancing in the mirror when no one else is home. She’s the one singing in the showerI’m talking about that wild woman inside, the one whose heart beats ever on, beneath the mortgage, before the responsibilities. Remember her?

You’re wondering–is she still in there? Is she alive? Because I don’t know anymore.

I’m here to help you with that.

You want to reconnect with yourself. You want connect with other women in the meantime. But you need inspiration. You need a reason. You want a luxurious experience of a lifetime. Hell, you might even want to pull your titties out in the infinity pool. I know how some of y’all like to act.

….but you’re waiting on permission.

…but you are busy AF with your whole big life and don’t know where to begin.

Let me make this easy for you. I make magic for a living.

At my retreats, I provide the space–both literally and figuratively– for you to awaken that delicious but forbidden you. We’ve all got her inside, don’t we? And she feels super duper repressed and starving and dying for an outlet of expression? Sound familiar?

(If this sounds familiar, hit reply to this email–lemme hear your story!)

I provide the space, the community, and the expertise to facilitate the revival of your bestest, most favoritest, most-living-her-truthiest self. I’m your cheerleader, your mentor, a preacher, a permission-giver, a listener, and a friend.

And guess what else?

There’s about a dozen or so other women all there for the same reasons as you. All ready to bring love and support and inspiration to the table. Expect to walk away with a sisterhood of new friends you won’t forget. The friendships and communities I’ve catalyzed via my retreats remain among my proudest accomplishments in my whole life.

I will be changing the name of at least some of my retreats in order to more accurately reflect the nature of my events. Stripcoast 2019, which I am about to release REALLY SOON (if you want in, apply to this email with the subject line Stripcoast Please!), will retain the “Strip-” name so as not to confuse folks who’ve been hearing about this retreat for months; nonetheless, all of my retreats moving forward will feature the same fundamental elements, regardless of name. 

Those fundamental elements include:

First things first, I create the environment necessary for your pleasure and growth by providing a luxury experience in which everything is taken care of for you. There’s no cooking, only eating…no cleaning, only sunbathing….no energy expended running a family or a high-stress job–no, you are the receiverFrom the moment you arrive, you are in a responsibility-less position of relaxation and luxury on a really frickin’ nice property. Let me entertain and edify you; let my management team handle your every need.

Add to that: a delightful kick-off theme party,

impassioned sermons delivered by yours truly,

workshops that challenge you creatively and create meaningful connections between you and other women,

excursions and adventures as well to facilitate greater personal confidence and bonding among the homies,

a private photoshoot with renown photographer Cindy Johnson (read about some of her work here, you should def click),

an hour-long massage,

full benefit of my staff managing the event–don’t worry–we’ll make sure you find your room and get to your photoshoot on time! (Hell–we might even help with your outfit selection!)

We share stories. We dance. We create art. Yes, you are an artist. Trust me. Trust yourself. It doesn’t matter how “good” you are at anything. You’re good enough. Relax, you’re great. We wear what makes us feel beautiful. Or comfortable. Or both. We laugh. We get topless in the hot tub–or not. We are free of judgment. We are surrounded by encouragement. Indeed, we are in a place in which the fear of judgment is so low, and the encouragement is so high, that we feel an unprecedented sense of freedom to be ourselves and open up to others.

But don’t let me tell you—listen to what a just a few former guests have to say:

As a spectator to the pole world I was really worried I wouldn’t fit in… but every single person made me feel like I was right where I belonged. This week was the first time I wore a bikini in public. I felt nothing but awesomeness because I was surrounded by women who showed me it’s ok to live my damn life. Now it’s time to take all this energy and unleash it on the fucking world!” –Amber 



I feel like I’m at the edge of so much I’ve wanted. I’ve been playing it small and struggling to live boldly. Fear is at the root of so many of my behaviors and thoughts. You all show me that I can pursue ridiculous glorious things and be successful. The time I spent with so many talented, confident, intelligent, kind, and badass women has been inspiring and uplifting beyond measure. Every single woman I talked to this week added a little fuel to my fire. You are all so magical!” –Bri



How do I describe last week to anyone who didn’t experience the magic firsthand? How in the actual Kentucky fried fuck do I convey the impossibly deep love and respect between twenty strange women brought together by the vision of one feminist preacher from Atlanta, or explain the profound sense of connectedness that materialized from living with them for a week? I went skinny-dipping in the most gorgeous infinity pool in the world. I was massaged and photographed like some kind of fancy person. I danced on the balcony of an insanely gorgeous mansion in the jungle. But those luxuries, those were promised with the trip. Those were the on-paper luxuries. The real luxury of this trip was the chance to be unguarded and present with like-minded women.

Want a piece of this magic? Hit reply with the subject line, “Stripcoast Please!”

Still have reservations about coming? Are there issues I haven’t addressed? I’ve heard your ideas on Facebook and in your responses to my newsletters, and please allow me to respond to a few of the most-cited issues folks worry about:  


A number of self-proclaimed introverts attend my retreats, and these women enjoy themselves on their own terms, sometimes just chilling, enjoying the view, sometimes talking with one or two other guests, and sometimes joining in the bigger group for dance parties, movie nights, and other silliness. There is no pressure, but we’re down to hang out when and where you want! We provide optional guided activities, like game night and pool parties, for those who want a little encouragement to mingle. We also lots of time to be alone as well. This is your vacation!


Pole is not central to my retreats in the least. My career was birthed in the pole industry, and thus in the early days of my retreats, branding these as “pole events” was my way of serving my only existing audience. My audience has grown immensely since then–and I have found that the notion that pole is central to my events has repelled a lot of women who would flourish at my retreats if only they knew that we really do not pole dance unless for funsies at our leisure. This is one of the major pivots I want to make with my brand: making it clear that you do not have to be a dancer of any type to attend my retreats. We are NOT: learning pole tricks; learning complex choreography; showing off to see who is the best xyz. We are: dancing together with friends for fun to our favorite songs, with no judgement and lots of laughs, as much as we want–or not. When it comes to workshops, we enjoy fun challenges for the body and mind. Any dance introduced draws from organic movement that is accessible to most anybody. You need no dance technique or athletic ability to participate fully in any event at my retreats. The guest list includes women from all walks of life, only a very small percentage of which identify as hardcore athletes or pro-dancers (though y’all ninjas are welcome too!). Your ability to pole dance is absolutely immaterial, but if you want to grind on the pole at the opening party, which,  let’s be honest, Tabitha, you likely will–then please, be my guest.


I’m going to propose a sponsorship program in which current guests and alumni can elect to pay an extra $100 (or more, if they wish) on their ticket to support a scholarship recipient.

Do know that payment plans are available, and many guests take advantage of these.

Do know that my retreats range in price based upon a number of factors.

I am currently offering ScriptCraft, a storytelling and writing retreat, because (among other great reasons) it is as affordable a retreat as I can offer without degrading the quality of my product. Scriptcraft is more affordable than most of my other events for a simple reason: shorter duration of stay with less extras provided.

I do not want to offer a “cheaper” version of my classic “strip” retreats–(which btw I’m renaming, as I mentioned earlier–you’ll hear all about that when my rebrand is finished)–because downgrading the quality of the experience is the opposite direction I am heading. I am down to take a personal hit financially to upgrade guest experiences, but I am not willing to downgrade my product to make it cheaper.

Nonetheless, I strive to provide profound and moving content for free on the regular, and will continue to do so.

IF YOU’VE MADE IT THIS FAR YOU MUST REALLY BE INTERESTED IN MY FUN MAGIC-TASTIC WORLD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! If you want in on this scene, hit reply with the subject line “Stripcoast Please!”

My retreats have organically divided themselves into a few categories: luxury vacay party time, cerebral/emotional fellowship and creativity, and outdoor adventures. Moving forward, I will be making the distinction clearly about each retreat and what to expect. What’s coming up next?

Stripcoast 2019! WHICH IS GOING TO BE AMAZEBALLS AND I WILL BE RELEASING THIS RETREAT REALLY REALLY SOON AND ALSO TELLING YOU ALL THE DETAILS AHHHHHHHHH! This retreat falls into the creative/cerebral/fellowship category–at Stripcoast each guest will produce a short “LUXTalk to be recorded before a live audience and published on my podcast (with guest permission; nothing is required). In the meantime, we’ll be hitting those waves, sipping our morning coffee by the pool, dancing in the moonlight, and enjoying the best food the OBX has to offer!

(See the pics from this summer here!)

So if you you like what you’ve read here today, feel like doing some real good shit for yourself, and want to be on the first-to-know list for Stripcoast 2019, HIT REPLY WITH THE SUBJECT LINE, “STRIPCOAST PLEASE!” 

See some of y’all lucky babes there!

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