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My Favorite Fck Up, Episode Four: Now What?

You know what they say about best-laid plans….

In today’s fourth and final episode of My Favorite Fck Up!, we’ll join three women as they discover just how left a situation can turn…and how to turn it right again!

On My Favorite Fck Up!, Episode Four: Now What?….

  • Maurita finds a home in being queer abroad.
  • A motorbike accident in Thailand sends Jacq on a sex working journey she never anticipated.
  • Denaye finds out the hard way exactly how much it costs to replace an ATV–yikes!

Get ready to cry, laugh, and bite your nails–in that order–on today’s final episode of My Favorite Fck up!

You can listen to the first season of My Favorite Fck Up! on iTunesStitcher, and Lisbyn.

Sad that another one of my podcasts has ended? Just wish you could hear this country-ass voice on the radio waves more often? I feel you. I love podcasting. And while I’m currently focusing my own creative writing in the production of my memoir, I will be producing more podcasts like My Favorite Fck Up! with the help of storytellers at my upcoming retreats…

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