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Let’s Do Some Nice Sh*T For Another Woman!

“How can I help someone attend one of your retreats?”

It’s not the first time I’ve gotten this request.

Recently my good friend and client Melody reached out to me and said,

“I was thinking about how fortunate that I am to be able to attend your retreats; to learn so much about myself and others, to experience a sisterhood of love and acceptance like no other. I may not be able to afford to cover the whole cost of a retreat for someone else, but I would like to assist in some small way for another who is on the cusp of registering but may be concerned about finances. I would like to offer a $xxx dollar gift for someone you choose to attend a future retreat.”

And with this, Melody gave me a great idea.

Of course, my guests and I realize how fortunate we are to have these amazing experiences together in such beautiful locations–I am fortunate to have the means to host these retreats, and they are fortunate to have the means to attend.

However, there are so many other women who wish they could be there with us–dancing and laughing and bonding right alongside us, but–

they simply cannot afford it.

Take, for example, my friend who recently lost a loved one to a very expensive illness. Or my other friend, who just got divorced and found her finances in shambles. Or my young friend, trying to figure herself out in her twenties, barely on her feet, barely paying rent with a waitressing gig between classes. Or my retired friend, who has to measure out her income carefully for just the essentials.

These women have the same needs and desires as us, but they may not have the same means.

Therefore, I would like to propose a Strip-retreat Sponsorship Program to enable some new friends to attend a 2019 retreat.


The Stripcoast 2019 property!

The proposal goes as follows:

You donate only as much as you feel willing and happy to share. That may be $0. You owe nothing here.

However, if each person receiving this email were to donate only $25, that would be enough to send a handful of women to 2019 retreats!

The plan:

Once there are enough funds collected to cover one new guest, I will launch a competition for the sponsorship.

Unless you wish to remain anonymous, all contributors to the fund will be recognized as benefactors when the award is bestowed.

If you would like to help support another woman in this way, here’s what you can do in two simple steps:

  • Send your donation into us via this link:
  • Add a note or email us to let us know if you’d like to be recognized as a benefactor. Please include the name you’d like us to use if you’d like to be recognized.

And, to kick the fund off, I’m personally pledging $500!
We are hoping to announce this scholarship spot on October 12th so if you’d like to participate in this inaugural round, please do so by October 11th.

Dear friends, I want to thank you so much for your support. And, to many of you, thanks for your repeated support. At this point, many of y’all have been to at least one retreat a year for three years in a row–some of you more than that! I’ve often said that the communities of friendship I’ve catalyzed via my retreats remain my most significant professional accomplishment. Thank you so much for being that great light in my life.

Here’s to bringing another member into the fold.

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