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Announcing The Stripcoast Scholarship Winner!

It wasn’t an easy job…but after much deliberation, we have a winner!

Recently, my retreat alumni came together to create a scholarship fund to enable one lucky woman to attend Stripcoast 2019, all expenses paid. Over a hundred women applied. After much careful thought, out of all of these very worthy applicants, we have selected….


Here’s an excerpt from Jessie’s application:

“I am battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and I have lost everything feminine about myself in the process. Through this journey I have discovered a lot of things about life and people who suck and those who have remained true. I do for others because that is who I am, but I seem to do for the wrong people…. I want something for just me, somewhere I can go and all people don’t have a hidden agenda or want something from me. I want to see the beautiful woman I lost and tell her it’s ok to accept this new body. I want to be able to be naked in front of a mirror and say yasss girl you are all woman and still hot.”

Jessie, we can’t wait to have you!

And to all of the other applicants who applied, I assure you, the choice was not an easy one.

Interested in what happens at Stripcoast? Want to attend? There’s still a spot left!

Maybe you’d rather attend the original of all my retreats, Stripcabin. I am planning Stripcabin 2019 right now. If you’d like to throw your input on the dates, as well as your hat in the ring to attend, please take one minute to answer a coupla q’s for ya girl.


Thanks for reading, friends. Let’s all send Jessie our love.

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