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Your Place–Or Mine? Come Visit Ya Girl In the A!

Homegirl, I’m bringin’ y’all to my HOUSE.

Introducing Luxe ATL!

Starting in July 2019, I will invite eight women to Atlanta, one-by-one, to experience a weekend of transformative delight! For the next forty-eight hours, you will have exclusive access to reservations. These spots are super limited! Apply here!

Get honest. Get raw. Forget the small talk. I want to know what’s in your heart. The story you’re afraid to tell. The truth that’s dying to get out. The song in your throat.

Let’s make plans. Let’s make art. Let’s move our bodies, ignite our souls–

And let’s make it one big pleasure.

This is your weekend. This is for you. This is a spa for your heart.

What happens at Luxe ATL?

Each weekend will be tailored specifically to the desires and interests of each guest –but all guests at Luxe ATL can expect the following goodies:

  • Two nights luxury hotel accommodations
  • A high-end dining experience
  • Generous time allocated for intimate, loving, one-on-one mentorship
  • An afternoon of growth and adventure
  • An evening of hedonistic pleasure

Fill your belly with delicious meals as we plot dreams before we hit the town for a night of laughter and entertainment in the cosmopolitan capital of the South!

Does this jet-settin,’ big-ideas-babe sound like you? If so, apply here!

Once you make your deposit, the planning begins. I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me understand your goals, desires, and tastes so I can provide a luxe weekend designed with you in mind!

I look forward to sharing my city with you.

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