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My kid went to camp–is it my turn yet?

Buddies! Friends!

I’m about to drop my kid off at summer camp!

Nights spent under the stars….days spent splashing in swimming holes…afternoons battling out a game of tug-o-war…evenings roasting weenies and telling ghost stories around the fire…

These are the treats that await him.

I’m…more than a little jealous.


We should become campers, too!

Picture it:

You wake slowly to the warmth of the rising sun. Birds sing. Woodland creatures scamper in the trees. The smell of coffee sneaks into your tent. You take a moment to enjoy your comfy bed before wiggling your toes on the sheepskin carpet. You’re in Maine, homegirl, way out in the woods. Walk a little way up the dirt road and meet me by the barn. Let’s tell ghost stories around the fire…shoot our shot in archery class…run naked through the fields…

I’ve got big plans for you babies.

I’m only running half the retreats that I used to–

So I’m gonna make this next one something really special.

Y’all been asking for it.

Mama’s ready to deliver.

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