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It’s time for an adventure….

I have spent my life embarking upon adventures, even when I was a humble grad student teaching English to the tune of six hundred dollars a month.

I know how deeply these adventures contributed to my growth as an artist, a woman, and a human–

which is why I make it my life’s work to facilitate these experiences for others.

Because of experiences such as showing up in Tokyo alone at the age of twenty-four, to trekking across Europe on a wish and a prayer as a teen trying to find her way, to escaping to the mountains with my friends and no internet to write our hearts out for a few days–

I have become a braver, smarter, bolder woman.

And so, no matter what, I will always make the time–and the money–to enable me to escape the stress of everyday life and immerse myself in a space that creates openness, connections, and creativity.

And I want you to, too.

Indeed, I have a very frickin special new retreat that I’m about to drop so deliciously soon–but more on that later. If you want to be on the first-to-know list, hit reply to this email with the subject line “Stripcamp Please!”

You come to a Stripcraft retreat because:

  • You’ve lost your spark
  • You’ve repressed your desires
  • You’ve lost touch with your body, your femininity, your sensuality

You leave a Stripcraft retreat with:

  • A new confidence and lightness of spirit
  • Courage to seize the opportunities that await you
  • A sense of pleasure and delight in your body, mind, and soul

A StripRetreat does not alter your life merely for the time you spend on location.

A StripRetreat reverberates throughout your life well after you leave.

What changes have occurred in guests after they attend?

Beatrice got a whole new job and outlook on life!

She writes to her fellow Stripcabana 2019 guests, “Thank you to everyone for your energy and positivity, even after our week in paradise ended. I felt so energized on our trip, and even afterwards–it inspired me to fully invest in myself and what I deserve. After everyone’s stories, I knew that I deserved more than just collecting a too-low paycheck, so I put my all into getting what I deserve. I accepted a new job offer and put in my notice at my current position. All of this happened because you women unknowingly (or maybe knowingly?) pushed me to make real strides towards my hopes and dreams. I love you all and humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being vulnerable in ways that continue to inspire me.”

Angela is still feeling the uplifting effects of adventures with supportive and inspiring sisters at Stripcabana as she recovers from a broken back and re-enters her beloved pastime of sky-diving:

“I want everyone on here to know that recently, my life has really been on a major upswing,” she writes, “and things are getting better and better for me. Stripcabana was extremely healing for me in so many ways, and I have each and every one of you to thank for that.”

Christina believes so strongly that you should attend a Strip-retreat that she will LITERALLY WATCH YOUR KIDS AND/OR YOUR DOG:

“Ladies, you don’t need to go on a retreat to live this way. But goddamn, if you can swing it, be with this woman. Be with her for the loud moments…for the silent moments…for the “make your boyfriend jealous” moments…be with her for the tears. Be with her for the women she attracts, who will challenge you, change you, inspire you. Sacrifice to do it. Ask me to watch your kids or your dog if that what needs to happen.”

…and these are just examples from my latest retreat! At this point, I have hosted 17! –the stories of transformation could go on all day.

How can this be real, you may be wondering? What causes these transformations? What is special about StripRetreats to incite these changes?

We begin with a spirit of adventure. Openness. Vulnerability. The flow feels effortless, yet has been lovingly designed by yours truly to gradually increase guests’ comfort with one another. From night one, we let our walls down. We share ourselves. We celebrate! We throw small talk out the window. Women come to these retreats to connect, open up, be honest, give love, and receive it in turn. I guarantee that guests not only walk away with a lightness of spirit, renewed confidence, and big ideas–they will also leave with a sisterhood of dear friends who will continue to support them long after the retreat ends.

Want in on my next retreat? This one’s BRAND NEW but sure become a classic! Hit reply to this email with the subject line “Stripcamp please!” to be put on the first-to-know list!

No one else is doing what I do. Get in on this while you can.

Want to connect with me on a more personal level? Come visit with me in the A for a one-on-one weekend of transformative delight, Luxe ATL! [LINK SALES PAGE]

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