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Stripcamp Is Here!

Who’s a happy camper?!

Picture it…

You wake slowly to the warmth of the rising sun. Birds sing. Woodland creatures scamper in the trees. The smell of coffee sneaks into your tent. You take a moment to enjoy your comfy bed before stepping outside into the late summer misty morning. You’re in the rolling hills of Asheville, way out in the woods. Walk a little way up the dirt road and meet me by the pavilion. Let’s tell ghost stories around the fire…throw axes at the bullseye…run naked through the fields…

You’ve got quite an adventure ahead of you!

Disconnect from distractions.
Reconnect with yourself.
Make friends in real life.
Put the screens away.
Count the constellations.
Dance under the stars.

Introducing Stripcamp!
Stripcamp takes place from Thursday September 17th – Sunday September 20th, 2020.

At Stripcamp, experience the carefree joy of childhood–paired with the delicious freedom of a grown-ass woman. Tell ghost stories around the fire…giggle in your tent after lights-out….slip-n-slide in your favorite birthday suit…with a happy gang of fellow campers by your side!

At Stripcamp, we’ve got you covered.

Or uncovered–as you choose!

At Stripcamp, you will:

  • Escape into nature
  • Make play a priority
  • Swivel your hips at one hell of a hoe-down
  • Take workshops that expand your heart and mind
  • Enjoy clothing-optional freedom
  • Model for a photoshoot with renown photographer Cindy Johnson
  • Chow down on classic camp meals
  • Sing songs around the bonfire
  • Count the stars
  • Make s’mores
  • Create friendships and memories to treasure for a lifetime

Perhaps you’ve noticed that my original retreat Stripcabin was just featured on television (we’re episode three)! We’ve received a lot of positive attention already, as women all over the US are learning about my work for the first time! My DMs are blowing up, my follower counts are growing, and the producers loved our episode so much that I’ve got a feeling this is only the beginning! Why am I telling you this?

Because things are changing at Stripcraft Corp in a basic and major way:

Demand for retreats is going way up, while simultaneously I cut the number of retreats I host in half.

You know what that means.

If you’ve ever wanted to attend a retreat–get in while ya can.

Be the girl with the memories–not the regrets.

With Stripcamp, I wanted to create a retreat that offered super-accessible spots financially. Do not expect these spots to last, as money is the most common barrier for those who wish to attend. With spots as low-cost as BYOT (Bring Your Own Tent)–and as cushy as Book Your Own Bedroom in the Farmhouse…there’s something for everyone!

Stripcamp is priced from $1500-3800.00, depending on room choice. As always, we have a payment plan available for 12 months with payments between $135-330.00. That’s right–payments starting as low as $135 a month!

If you’ve always wanted to attend a retreat but couldn’t afford one–THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Apply here.

Don’t delay, Stripcamp is already more than 50% sold out to our private VIP list.

If you’ve always wanted to attend a sleep-away camp but never got the opportunity–we’re creating the camp experience of you’ve always dreamed of! Slip-n-slide, anyone? Perhaps a game of Tug-o-War before we roast marshmallows by the fire? Apply here.

A slew of retreat alumni and early birds have already purchased their spots at Stripcamp.

So fill out that application right now!

See you around the campfire?

Hugs n kisses from Stripcamp… xoxo

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