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Be here now. Be HER now.

That woman you dream yourself to be. The one you whisper to in the night. The one that comes out when you sing. The one that you make plans for. That tomorrow girl. The one whose home you’ve made the future. Have you considered that you could be her now? In small ways, each day?

That woman you dream to be, that one you have planted firmly in the future?

Does she write? Does she paint? Does she dance? Does she sing?

What does her life look like? What does she do?

Can you give yourself permission to do those things now, today, without any external validation? Without permission from anyone else but you?

I dream of being an author. Published. The “real thing,” my books for sale at the airport book store.

I have put off living as an author–and fully dedicating myself to my writing–because I have been waiting on validation from outside sources. I have been waiting on a publishing house to say, okay, you are the real thing, here is your book deal, you may treat your art seriously now.

However, what if I gave myself this permission? What if I decided that I am an author, and my work deserves my dedication because of the joy I get from simply creating it?

I did that. I gave myself permission. And I finished my book. (Still revising, though, for all you eager readers!)

External accomplishments cannot cure your discontent.

The code of happiness is not cracked with the key of “success.”

You out there thinking, if only I can reach this figure, if only I can lose this weight, if only I can get this partner–then I’ll be happy.

I’ve been depressed in a mansion on a tropical island, sitting on top of accomplishments greater than my wildest dreams.

Wherever you go, sister, there you are.

Find what brings you joy and peace in the everyday, and do it today. And again, tomorrow. And again.

Happiness is a practice undertaken in this moment, not an achievement you unlock when you finally meet that goal.

Desire is unending. You will always want more.

Stop running for a sec, sis, and just be happy.

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