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You Won’t Be Happy All the Time, and That’s Okay.


Don’t get it twisted.

In today’s world, folks will complain even about positivity.

It’s not attainable; it’s a quest for the lucky and rich; but what about my problems xy&z….

Check it. Life hasn’t been easy for me. I think a lot of folks who don’t know me assume I’m some easy-living, got-everything-no-problem motherfucker. Recently a woman even credited my success to the “fact” that I’m “financially supported by my husband” (lolololol he’s a high school teacher).

I have struggled my entire life with depression, death left and right, domestic violence, and my own horrible mistakes, to name a few.

I do not tell you this to trot out my trauma on display. Honestly, I’m not really about that life. You’ll hear about my pain in my art, where its telling can help you.

I tell you this so that you know: there’s plenty ugly shit fucking around in my head, just like everybody else.

And yet, daily I practice peace and positivity. Does this mean I ignore my sadnesses? My bad days?

Does this mean I insist that every thought I have must be sunflowers?


Here’s what it means for me to prioritize peace and joy:

I deliberately and religiously engage in activities that are good for my mental health. Walks outside. Petting my dog. Moving my body. Creating my art for pleasure. Creating my art for the process, not the product.

When unhappy/critical/mean thoughts enter my mind, I give them space and compassion. I recognize them walk in, and I watch them walk out. I do not tell them to shut up or disappear. I simply do not indulge them as the absolute truth about my life.

When the negative thoughts appear, I could:

1. Dive in and swim in them, or
2. Observe them, respect them, but refuse to invest

Does this always work? Am I cured of sadness?


Some days are harder than others.

As I write this, I am still in bed. Not one of my best days.

Yet I remain committed to the PRACTICE.

Which is why I’m getting up and out into nature as soon as I press “post.”

Because that’s what positivity means to me: it is a practice.

Don’t think you can do it?

That’s okay. You don’t have to even try. This is your life.

But if you are interested in figuring out how to generate peace that comes from within regardless of the constantly changing circumstances of life–

Click here for five videos by your truly, all made with love, all for-fuckin-free.

How do you create peace in your life? Do you create peace in your life? Hit reply and lemme hear from you!

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