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Adjust Your Attitude

Yesterday I went to purchase some new glasses. This is a process that should have been fairly quick since I knew what I wanted.

Instead, I got paired up with a chatty salesperson.

By the time we were done, I knew all about his recent visit to Vegas, how he wore a baseball cap instead of a kippa as to not attract attention to his apparent orthodox Judaism, how he was supposed to meet up with a friend who blew him off, how he handled that disappointment…all the while, he is cracking jokes after joke with the lighthearted innocence of someone thoroughly enjoying the conversation.

In a previous life, I would have been wildly annoyed.

I’m on an errand. You’re wasting my time.

But instead, I adjusted my attitude.

Asked myself, what would I be doing with this time otherwise? Scrolling on my phone, looking to connect virtually with someone on some digital/human level?

Well, here is an actual human, who’s happy to connect, sharing stories of vulnerability and hilarity.

This man practically radiated kindness.

And so instead, I CHOSE to enjoy our exchange. I CHOSE not to be annoyed. I chose not to text my husband with a list of complaints.

And you know what?

That shit was an actual pleasure.

Could you use an attitude adjustment?

I know. Life can be difficult. Some days are hard.

Yet truly, the substance of our experience exists internally. Our reactions. Our perspective. How we’re choosing to experience this moment.

My friend at the eyeglasses shop reminded me of that.

“I was really looking forward to meeting my friend in person,” he told me, “but she didn’t show up. I was sad! But you know what–it was a learning experience. A lesson about expectations, and how I should really abandon them.” And so, after moping for a little while by the Bellagio fountain, my optical friend then decided to spend his evening at the pinball museum.

He had a blast.

Life happens, sure. But we are not boats at the mercy of the ocean. We are at the helm. We are steering. Never forget that.

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