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Give me fifteen minutes a day, sis, for three weeks. Trust me.

Sisters. I pay attention.

I open my heart and listen to what y’all are out there struggling with and desiring in your own lives. So often, these struggles and desires mirror my own. We often think we are so alone. But homie, we are not. Most of us are just afraid to voice our reality, even afraid to name it, to look it in the eye.

So let me ask you a question. Tell me–does the following sound familiar?

You’re a busy woman with talent and plenty of achievements. Yet here you are, feeling stressed and depressed.

You rush breathlessly from goal to goal, wondering when it will ever feel like enough. You wonder, when can I ever–just–chill? 

“When I hit this milestone–or achieve that accomplishment–then I’ll be happy,” you promise.

And yet, with every new win, another goal post arises in the distance, leaving you with that same old discontent, and that same old promise:

When I get *there,* everything will be okay. 

Girl, do you feel like you’re constantly making yourself miserable in the now for some happy future that you imagine awaits just over the next hill?

Homie. The future is now. It’s time. Stop putting off your peace and happiness. Babygirl. Tomorrow keeps waking up as today.


How do I live?

Well, sis, it’s been a long m’fing road, but I can say truthfully that I have finally arrived at a place where I can maintain my peace despite almost any circumstances. Homie, I don’t hate Mondays. I love my whole-ass life. It ain’t perfect; I still cry. But guess what else? I’m not afraid of crying. I’m not afraid to experience all the emotions. I don’t run from my feelings, and I don’t shut out the messages my body and heart send to me. I trust myself. I am not afraid of the future. I do not obsess over the past. This is a discipline. It takes work. It takes commitment. But it doesn’t hurt. In fact, it feels great.

This discipline is what I want to share with you through my new program, Lux Redux 21.

I’m ‘bout to drop a brand new way to work with me, a program I believe in to my core because I frickin LIVE it, day in and day out, and I’m ready to teach you how to do the same.

It will only take fifteen minutes of your day for twenty-one days. And I promise it will be your favorite stolen moment of the day.

What the hell am I talking about? What is this program?!

I’mma hit you with allllll of the deets in just a few days, but let me hit you with the basics now.

Join me for three full weeks of DAILY videos, sermons, laughs, and challenges with Lux Redux 21, and create an easy and pleasurable routine that will fundamentally adjust your attitude.

In this three week series, you will:

  • Stop freaking out
  • Calm the rushing thoughts
  • Get outside
  • Move your body
  • Trust yourself
  • Learn to feel all the things without fear

You will do this by creating habits that nourish your soul–in the manageable span of FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY. 

What topics can you expect?

  • How to create a daily routine that nurtures your well-being
  • How to stop obsessing over the past and be present in the now
  • How to uninvest in intrusive thoughts
  • How to meditate
  • How the outdoors can calm your racing thoughts
  • How moving your body can generate inner peace
  • What is peaceful productivity, and how you can generate it
  • Why you should trust yourself
  • Why you need to focus on one thing
  • How to experience the range of human emotions without running away
  • Why all of the above can and should be a pleasure

You will receive daily content directly to your email inbox that includes:

  • Short video sermons and pep-talks
  • Guided meditation videos (plus an MP3)
  • Guided movement videos featuring easy-to-follow, simple, sexy meditative routines
  • Love notes from yours truly to guide you step-by-step through the process
  • Daily challenges and easy check-lists to mark your progress
  • Optional one-on-one personal feedback me
  • Optional enrollment in a private Facebook group for support from fellow women on your journey


Ohhhhh homie it is totally affordable. Prices start at $150.

In return, you get TWENTY-ONE FULL DAYS of enriching, entertaining, loving content in a variety of media to speak to all types of learning styles.

And again–I’m only asking for fifteen minutes of you day to fundamentally improve your life.

You enter this practice frazzled, out-of-breath, strangely unsatisfied. You feel anxious. Rushed. Out of touch with your body. Absent from your life. You spend entire days in your head, ignoring the world around you.

Through this practice, you generate your own peace. You will get outside. You’ll stop your racing mind and look at the leaves on the trees instead. You’ll move your body in ways that feel good. You’ll take a break from being so critical of yourself and others. You will have fun!

I have spent weeks painstakingly and loving writing my ass off, filming my ass off, editing for untold hours, to bring y’all the realest info I know you need. I’m bout to take you through the same routines and thought-processes that have been foundational for my success–and by success, I don’t mean monetary acquisition and likes on the ‘gram. When I say success, I mean:

Finding actual peace and joy in the life I’m living TODAY.

You want some of this goodness? Homie, I can almost guarantee you need it. Hit reply and we’ll put you on the first-to-know list!

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