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What would Beyonce do?

Picture it.

You’ve purchased a ticket for a Beyonce concert several months away.

As the event approaches, you realize that perhaps–

Huh, I no longer like these songs,


Hm, I think I’d actually like to make other plans for that day,


Oops, maybe I made the choice to attend this concert on a whim that doesn’t actually reflect my current desire….

Does Beyonce–

Refund your ticket, now rendering your once-held spot difficult or impossible to sell as the concert date quickly approaches, thus setting herself up to do the work of selling that ticket yet again, except now in a much more unfavorable environment?

Does Beyonce refund your ticket, losing money on a service you agreed to months ago but no longer “feel like attending?”

Does Beyonce search out another guest to fill your ticket, which you’ve, you know, just decided you don’t “feel like attending” anymore?

What would Beyonce do?

Ask yourself that question before coming at small businesses owned by women whose “niceness” you’re exploiting in your attempt to get out of legal agreements you made months ago.

Would you ask Beyonce for a refund because you changed your mind?



Because you actually respect her as a business, and respect any contract you have signed with her as an actual legal contract, and therefore treat her with respect thusly.

We women out here running businesses are not your homegirls whom you can hit up with the seventh “special circumstances!!!!” of the day.

Yes. Many of us female biz owners practice traditionally female traits of developing real relationships with clients, expressing empathy for them….

But do not exploit this, and do not treat this as weakness.

If you sign a legal contract with my business, expect to uphold it. Why is this even a debate, and why am I constantly dealing with “exceptional circumstances” suggesting that I “be your buddy” and fuck my own self financially as well as break my own contract? A contract I paid lawyers to draw up in order to protect me from this exact circumstance?

I’ll tell you why.

Because even the feminists in the world see a woman like me and think, somewhere deep in their psyche they think:

“She’s just some girl playing games. She’s nice and I don’t have to respect our legal contracts. She’s nice. She’s nice. She’s nice. She’s nice.”

I’ll tell you this now:

I am nice. I am full of love and compassion.

Please have the same, and treat your dealings with my business as you would your dealings with another business which you actually respect as “real.”

If you wouldn’t ask Beyonce for a refund, don’t ask me.

Said with love. But mostly,

Said with self-respect.

Stripcraft Corp is a six figure business with a whole-ass team of experts. This ain’t a lemonade stand.

Treat me as such. Please.

Because anything else–

Feels like fucking misogyny that you don’t even know you’re enacting.

Much love.

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