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A steamy read.

Imagine rolling around the floor, all eyes on you.

They love you. They want more.

So do you.

Imagine the air, warm and fragrant with perfume, caressing your body as you peel off another layer. They’re clapping. They’re calling your name.

Imagine your heart racing. It feels good. It feels wild, like the top of a roller coaster, or the split second before he kisses you–

Imagine her crawling towards you, a sparkle in her eyes, a crooked smile. Her hair falls across her face. Yes, you. She’s coming for you.

Imagine that you’re not wondering what they think of you, because baby, you know what they think of you.

They love you. They fuckin love you.

Imagine permission. A big fat yes. Imagine sensuality. Roses, candles, chocolate, lace, tits and beautiful women. Imagine they ask, and you say yes, and now their hands are on you, and you want it; you asked for it. You got it. You’ve wanted this for a long time. Imagine reverence. Imagine receiving. Imagine.

Now–stop imagining–

and make it real.

Applications for #StripcovenNOLA 2020 drop next week. There are only a handful of spots remaining; most got snatched up by alumni because my guests return again and again. What’s that tell you? This shit is real. Come find out for yourself. This retreat is application-only, but I’mma give a few of y’all a head start:

If you want the first shot at a Stripcoven application, hit reply with the subject line “LIVE DELICIOUSLY IN NEW ORLEANS” and you’ll hear from us within twenty-four hours.

See you in the garden district. <3

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