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Getting ready for you…

Babygirl, It takes a lot to get on your level.

You’re high-level, not eye-level. People notice when you walk into a room. You expect pleasure in life. You adore delicious experiences. You didn’t pay all this money just to attend a blase affair.

That’s why my team and I spend countless hours and invest untold fortunes in carefully selecting the most unforgettable locations you simply have to see to believe…creating an electric vibe with lighting, decorations, gowns, and ambience… giving you one-on-one attention with hand-written love notes and special touches galore….

We have you to impress–so the bar’s set pretty high.

And we enjoy every step of the process.

PS. Applications for #StripcovenNOLA 2020 drop next week. There are only a handful of spots remaining; most got snatched up by alumni because my guests return again and again. What’s that tell you? This shit is real. Come find out for yourself. This retreat is application-only, but I’mma give a few of y’all a head start:

If you want the first shot at a Stripcoven application, hit reply with the subject line “LIVE DELICIOUSLY IN NEW ORLEANS” and you’ll hear from us within twenty-four hours.

See you in the courtyard.

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