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You feel like a horrible person, but you want to be loved anyway.

You are my inspiration.

Do you feel like a secret villain, with skeletons in closets you can’t outrun?

I want you.

Do you have a past? A history? With the photos to prove it?

Let’s do this.

Do you feel guilty about your desires?

Join me.

Are you scarred? Scared?

Weighed down with shame?

Come hang out.

You will find yourself in good company.

You hide. You make yourself smaller. Ask for little. Take even less. You don’t want to freak anybody out, so you keep parts of yourself locked in a drawer. You feel uniquely depraved. If only they knew the truth about you, then no one would stick around.

You feel singularly horrible–yet–

all around you, my sister, friends keep their secrets, convinced they too are alone.

We share the shame. The fear. The suppression. The repression. The guilt.

And yet, none of us are as bad as we think.

Nor do we go through this experience alone.

Look around. You’ve committed crimes? So have I. Life’s like that sometimes. You’ve atoned enough. Hidden enough. You’ve paid plenty. No one wins an award at suffering the longest. No one gets a crown for queen of loathing.

Drop the masochistic abuse. You’re okay. You’re more than okay–

wild desires, secrets, and all.

Can you let go like this? Do you want to?

Let me hear your story. Hit reply.

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