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Why do you keep looking to the world to tell you who you are?


We craft careful personas. Say just the right things. Show only our best sides. We present to the world a slick grid of imagery so pleasing in its presentation that surely the world must approve. Yes, we are pretty. Yes, we are worth space on this earth. We refresh the screen to measure just how much we are worth space on this earth–

You could use a break from that. So today, I issue you a CHALLENGE. Read on for the rules.

When we ask for approval, we ask for permission.

Permission, however, is highly unnecessary.

You don’t have to ask for love, homie. Love flows freely. The wellspring, of course, is within. Don’t let the world tell you who you are. *You* tell the world who you are.

You think that tomorrow you’ll be better. In the future, you’ll be a more complete person, with a happier life. But the fact is–

Tomorrow, my homie–is gonna go a whole lot like today.

Be yourself now, or be yourself never. The future ain’t magic. Right now–is magic.

Here’s a lil artistic challenge to give you a nudge in this direction. You have until midnight this Friday, Valentine’s Day, to send me your entries!

FOR THIS CHALLENGE, film yourself doin’ what you do, and feeling great doing it. For some of you, this will mean making a dance video. However, you are not required to dance; you may wish to express yourself in other ways. THIS VIDEO SHOULD SHOW THE REAL YOU. Be raw. Be vulnerable. Get out from behind the wall you put up. Feel something, and let your face show it. POST THIS VIDEO BY MIDNIGHT ON VALENTINE’S DAY AND TAG ME + HASHTAG THE POST #STRIPCOVEN AND #FUXWITHLUX SO I CAN FIND YOUR ENTRY!

1. Film yourself being your awesome self, whether that’s through dance, music, poetry, rock-climbing, or any other badass pursuit that is truly *you.*
2. Post your video to Instagram by midnight on February 14th and tag me, plus hashtag the post #stripcoven and #fuxwithlux so I can find your entry.
Hit reply and email me your vid!
3. Watch my Instagram stories over Valentine’s weekend to see your entry get shared with my following! ✨

I look forward to seeing you–being you. ?

You can see my video here.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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