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I Bought My Most Loyal Clients A Great Gift…

Women return again and again to my retreats.

And to those babes, I wanted to say thanks.

I thought for some time–how can I reward my most loyal of clients? How can I show them how foundational they are to the Stripcoven community? How can I express to them how much they mean to me? These people have become family; they have helped form the very basis of the Stripcoven identity….

And then I remembered–back in high school….seeing those jackets that the cool kids wore…with their names embroidered on the front…their team on the back…. I myself never joined any teams in high school. But I sure did want one of those flashy jackets saying I belonged…

And now, that community I desired as a youth is real. It’s here, it’s alive, and it’s beautiful.

And so, for my homies who have attended five or more retreats–that’s right, five or more!–I have commissioned custom-made Stripcoven varsity jackets for each and every one of them!

That means that ten women are receiving official Stripcoven jackets to wear with pride! 

I can’t wait to wear these as a crew and take allll the pics!

If you’re on your third or fourth retreat and you’re hoping you’ll receive one of these when you hit that five retreat mark, I’ve got good news–you will!

Let’s fill the streets with the Stripcoven crew. I eagerly await your stuntin’ ass pics.

Here a few so far…

You’d look great in one of these, wouldn’t you….


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