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Hello sweet girl.

As you may have noticed–especially if you follow my stories on the ‘gram–I’ve had the honor of hosting several ladies one-on-one here in my city for a weekend experience I call Luxe ATL! From late night secrets shared in an underground speakeasy, to belly-laughs in the trap house with my former work-spouse Pyro at the club I once called home, to quiet moments spent together here in my home studio, talking through our desires, our plans, our dreams….

Hosting my clients one-on-one has given me the chance to really dig deep with these ladies–to form lasting bonds–to create memories and reignite fires.

For many of these guests, I’ve produced videos of them dancing, strutting, living, feeling cute and getting sassy! Over the next week, I’m going to share some of those videos with you!

Today, meet Lindsay. She can type faster than you can think, because she’s a court reporter–and one of the best ones in her field. She’s also got a whip-smart sense of humor and is down for just about anything. Let’s join Lindsay in her hotel room as she treats some special someone to some sexy selfies!

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