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Now Available! The StripCOVID Survival Pack!

THE STRIPCOVID SURVIVAL PACK IS HERE, AND IT’S NOT GOING TO LAST! This two-part online writing + movement workshop + dance party series featuring six pre-recorded movement lessons, six live “Homebound Hoedown” dance parties, six pre-recorded writing lessons, six live “What Dem Captions Do” writing workshops, plus a bonus selfie instructional video–IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND.


The mission of the Stripcovid Survival Pack is to get y’all through this bitch-ass virus as a better person than when you started, with more friends, a stronger sense of community, a more powerful ass bounce, online communication finesse strong enough to make the coldest G weep, plus selfie skills so sick that your social grid will look like a masterpiece. Homie, I’m talking six weeks spent with me and the Stripcoven crew, twelve pre-recorded movement and writing lessons, twelve whole-ass online parties orchestrated by ya girl to make you laugh, dance, interact, learn, grow, and show out, all geared to honing our power where it matters most: coming out of this shit in better physical and mental health than when we started, plus with all new levels of dance skills and also, way TF better captions. Hell, I’ll even make your booty look better in a photo. We are going to hang out multiple times a week, dog. We will never forget the bonds we build now.

Your presence online matters more now than ever. Your mental health and physical fitness need to stay strong. Let’s do this shit together, and make ourselves proud.

The Stripcovid Survival Pack –

$144.44 for 6 weeks or $26/wk

The Stripcovid Survival Pack contains two six-week-long workshop series–one aimed at moving your body, the other aimed at improving your writing–both guaranteed to transform the Covid boredom and the Corona sads into a good time of clear-eyed optimism, dance-offs, actual friends, ultimately placing you at an advantageous position coming out of this weird time!

Workshop One:

Homie, we ‘bout to get lit. Just when you thought your social life was over–just when you thought your entire Hot Girl Summer was ‘bout to be put on hold–here comes the Stripcoven to the rescue! With six weekly pre-recorded movement lessons, plus six weekly live Homebound Hoedown dance parties, you’ll move your body, have some laughs, and come out of this hibernation a better dancer with more friends than ever.

What Dem Captions Do?

Learn how to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others through the written word. With six weekly pre-recorded writing lessons, plus six weekly live Wednesday Night Readings, you will up your verbal artistry so that you can connect on some real shit with the people who need your message. Your ability to communicate powerfully online has never mattered more. Be a leader, homie. The window is short and the time is now.


I deliver your instructional videos via email on Mondays. We meet for writing class on Wednesdays. We boogie at the Homebound Hoedown on Fridays. This is ‘bout to be the all-girls school of your dreams.

Session runs from Monday, March 30 through Friday, May 8.

All live sessions will be recorded for those who can’t join us in person.

Wondering if this is right for you? If you relate to the message I’m preaching below, then I bet you’ll fit right in.

The Covid Pep Talk Y’all Need Right Now…Plus Babes Dancing!

I’ll see you in class on Wednesday…and then at the Homebound Hoedown on Friday 😉


See you soon…

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