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Introducing The Ladies of StripCOVID

I’m supposed to be at #Stripcabana in Costa Rica right now, kickin it with twenty-something bad bitches sunning their tits alongside our ocean-front infinity pool. Covid changed those plans!

The moment I arrived stateside and re-entered life post-Covid, I knew two things: my normal route to connect with the Stripcoven–my retreats–was indefinitely on hold, and it was time to finally focus on connecting with homies the best way I can: IN DEM ZOOM ROOMS ?

Within a week of landing back in the states, I had created the Stripcovid Survival Pack–a writing + sexy dancin’ workshop + weekly Homebound Hoedown live party designed to get the homies through this time in better condition than when we started–with more friends, a stronger sense of community, and a more powerful ass bounce.

We have been successful in this mission. ?

We’re out here straight writing masterpieces of heartbreaking literature on Wednesdays, and then throwing back beers and asses on Fridays.

The Stripcovid crew has kept me busy and happy. Let me bless you with this introduction to some of these killas.

Click on the image below to see these beauties come to life!


The Lieutenant Dei Avante
The Kiwi Alex
Stripcoven OG Heidi
Twisted Sister Gabby
Rainbows 4ever Jacki
The Pageant Queen KiKi
Ms. OMG OMG OMG Lindsay
The Outlaw Lucia
The Architect Patricia
The Oculist Melody
Robin AKA Juicy
Slutty Excellence Toni

I’m so thankful for these and many dozens of other Stripcovid sisters keeping me company in dem Zoom rooms during this time, and moreover I’m thankful for the entire Stripcoven holding it down. I love y’all.

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