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I Can’t Handle Another Thing.

I get it. You’ve got no shortage of chores.

Are you thinking about joining the dozens of others who have signed up for Stripcovid Season Two, but you’re worried about adding another obligation, another f’n Zoom meeting, to your schedule?

I understand. But let me assure you–

Our time together feels like a vacation, a party, and a spirit-lifter–not an obligation. I am the head teacher and MC of this program and this is my joband even still–I am having the best time of my entire Covid experience via the Stripcovid Survival Pack.

You know you’re doing the right thing when your work feels this good.

But don’t listen to me–hear what the homies from Season One have to say:

“This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself in this horrid uncertain time. Twice a week I get to get down with thirty-plus amazing beautiful women–once for my mind, and once for my body. Both times I just get to let loose and let it all go–creatively, emotionally and physically.”


When you really have no idea what’s going on–the one thing you can count on is an amazing Friday night with Lux ATL.”


Don’t add another chore to your to-do list. Instead, add some much-needed you time into your life.

Join us for Stripcovid, Season Two: Booty on Lockdown…

The cart closes TONIGHT.