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Welcome to Stripcovid, Season Two: Booty on Lockdow


To all the newbies, you are in for a treat, because you couldn’t find a more loving group of women than the OGs of Stripcovid, and they look forward to welcoming you into the fold! Thank you for taking the leap and joining us! We love you already!

This week, I’ve got two ass-tastic videos for you! We’re gonna start this week with our stretch videoand I want you to start every week with this video before you get into your booty lessons and practice. Indeed, if you’re serious about upping your booty game, I encourage you to do these stretches two or three times a week–they are very important to conditioning your hips and legs for these movements.

Next, head on over to your weekly Booty on Lockdown lesson to learn our first lesson of the season: rotate the meat on the bone! This week,we’re going to get started with a fundamental concept integral to a lot of twerk moves, and that’s the ability to rotate your booty and thigh meat on your bone to get that nice jiggly look! Remember, learning booty moves takes practice and patience. Few people can learn these moves immediately, but almost everyone will see great results if they keep a positive attitude and practice! HAVE FUN and do not take this too seriously!

Our first Homebound Hoedown dance party of the season takes place this Friday from 9:30 – 11:30ish pm EST!
Make sure you already have the Zoom app downloaded on your computer or phone so you can participate! When it’s time for the meeting, just return to this email and hit this link! You are encouraged to dress sexy and come prepared to get lit!

Here you will find your custom Spotify playlist to accompany your dance practice this week!
Each week, I will add new songs!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to hit reply.

See you at the Hoedown this Friday!