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A Brief History of Race in America

I think it’s up to us to not just sit around and feel bad about racial injustice, but to instead educate ourselves on the history that has been hidden, interrogate our own practices, and be willing to sacrifice time, money, and your space on the stage.

No one knows what the right thing to do is, exactly, and there are times I doubt if I should even be taking up the airwaves right now, but when I evaluate my position, I keep landing on this:

It’s obvious I have an audience. It’s clear that I have influence. I would be remiss to not mobilize that at this time.

So here is a small contribution to the battle for racial justice in America:

Confused about race in America? Don’t understand WTF has happened? I can help. For one hour, I will share my scholarly expertise on the making of race in America. Did you know that notions of “blackness” and “whiteness” did not always exist? Race is not an immutable natural fact. Today’s lesson will be on the origins of race in America–our conceptions of “blackness” and “whiteness,” how and why they were formed, and how they have been historically maintained. Come get this and more knowledge guaranteed to blow your fucking mind.

You can also find more resources here. These are quick reads that you can check out online right now, as well as some longer critical works, as well as novels.

I will be reaching out again this weekend, specifically to Black women.

Thanks for listening. Please watch my talk. You’ll be glad you did.

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