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Dear Black women

Thanks for everything. Clearly I’ve benefited from your influence, friendship, and wisdom my whole life. When I reflect on my tastes, the ways I present myself, the styles I enjoy, and even my ways of thinking, it’s pretty obvious where I got much of my influence. People have thought I am very cool for being the way I am. Yet I didn’t fight hard enough against racism, especially when I have benefited from Black culture to the degree that I have. Probably some of y’all looked at me sometimes and thought, “this bitch.” I can’t blame ya.

But I’m not here to self-flagellate for absolution. No need for anyone to reassure me that I’m One of the Good Ones. Instead, I want to give back.

Therefore, I am offering THIRTY BLACK WOMEN free spots in the upcoming third season of my six-week series and online community, Stripcovid.

Are you a Black woman who wants to fux with Lux and the Stripcoven community? We’d love to have you. The theme of Stripcovid Season Three is confidence in both spirit and body, and in this package you get: six weeks of twelve pre-recorded lessons from me in topics both cerebral as well as movement–expect creative exercises as well as sensual movement lessons, as well as two live zoom meetings a week that are lively and engaged–one meeting feeds the spirit and the mind (mid week), and the other is a stupidly-fun sexy dance party every Friday night. The women currently enrolled cite this program as a great highlight in their lives, and people have formed deep friendships. Please join us! Just hit us with your info here and we will be in touch shortly!

My first (and only!) business coach is a Black woman. Rachel Rodgers. Could’ve never had the courage to take these risks without her guidance.

My therapist is a Black woman. Dr. LaRae Williams. She has been one of the greatest blessings to my life ever.

Two of the professors on my doctoral committees, and thus major guiding forces of my education, are Black women: Dr. Elizabeth West and Dr. Kameelah Martin Samuels

My team teacher at Stripcoven, and one of the biggest inspirations for my own teaching, is a Black woman. Rashida KhanBey Miller.

One of my first friends in Atlanta was a Black woman, and she taught me so much about dance, business, and welcomed my dumb ass fully into her community: Torwa Joe.

Indeed, the entire supporting cast of dancers who backed me up at Miss Pole Dance America in 2016 are Black women–thanks Team VJs. Y’all worked so hard for me.

I’ve hashed out motherhood and academia and how to balance it all for years with a Black woman. Danielle Slaughter.

I had my mind opened and been thoroughly entertained by the online writings of a Black women. Danyelle Thomas.

I’ve had hard conversations that were delivered with love and friendship from a Black woman. Aaronica Bell Cole. Incidentally, this Black woman also delivered toilet paper to my home in the early days of the pandemic.

Some of the best friends of my life have been Black women. Some of my best teachers. Some of my greatest influences.

If that has not been obvious then I haven’t given enough credit.

Thanks for everything. I owe y’all a huge debt, a lot bigger than I can pay with some free classes and shout-outs. But hey, these free classes are FUCKING FUN AND PRODUCTIVE AS HELL so hopefully that’s a start.

Hit this link if you want to take advantage of your free spot in Stripcovid Season Three: Confidence on Lockdown. $222.22 value for a shit-ton of content and live engagement.

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