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What you need is FIGHT.

What you need–is FIGHT.

Ask me how I continue to thrive in any number of professional fields and social circumstances, and I will tell you this:

I got FIGHT.

I had a youth filled with nearly any trauma you could imagine. Homie, I even got run over by a car! I had three concussions by the time I was eighteen, one dead parent, and oh btw also put my boyfriend in jail. You’d think I’d be broken. But you know what I was doing instead?

Travelling Europe.

Because I had fight.

The world was falling apart around me. I did some falling apart, myself. And then, I pulled my bright and beautiful ass back together, and I said, NOT TODAY, BITCH. This world ain’t going to take from me all the beauty and love I deserve. I wanted to travel. Wanted to see more than just this postage stamp of the South. I saved one thousand dollars in cash doing odd jobs, including winning an amateur night, my first time ever on a strip club stage.

And then, I took myself to Europe.

I told myself, THIS is your life. No more trailer parks and crack pipes. THIS is your life, and YOU–just made it happen.


And then I realized–I could make it happen–again and again.

It wasn’t luck. It was me. My determination. My refusal to accept no for an answer from these dreams. My belief in myself. My confidence. My FIGHT.

This world don’t owe you shit. But YOU–owe yourself everything.

Get up off the mat.

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