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How to KILL IT on social without becoming a frickin weirdo

I’ve gained 80,000 followers on TikTok within three months of joining this year, and I did it without becoming a zombie, selling my soul, or feeling like shit. In fact, I grew this audience deliberately, on purpose, with a reason, and a strategy. I also made sure I was never taking myself or any post too seriously, so that I can continue to have fun with it.

In the meantime, I’ve been producing delightful-ass content for both the Gram and the Tok, and engaging the hell out of my established community over at the Gram while building tens of thousands of new followers over at the Tok–

And I am doing so as a deliberate move for my brand and my own good time, while keeping my engagement in moderation.

Here’s a glimpse into my personal standards of behavior, aka How I Avoid Becoming a Social Media Junkie While Simultaneously Succeeding on Dem Apps:

  • I started with a purpose. I joined TikTok in December–after a year of resistance–with the purpose of harnessing this incredibly culturally-influential app to attract potential new clients. It is difficult to get new followers on the Gram, for a number of reasons I’ll share in my upcoming workshop, Social Media with Boundaries. However, TikTok currently boasts unparalleled audience reach. I decided, hell, lemme give it six weeks and give it my best shot, and see what happens. Homie, I was at over 20k followers by the end of that six weeks. The whole time, I’m remembering why I’m on this app: to attract potential new clients.

  • My purpose guides my content creation. I’m not making random shit, for the most part. I’m creating content that showcases the things my clients like: floorwork, booty isolations, women’s empowerment inspo, for example. And then, I’m noting what works well, and making more of that.

  • I set time blocks for content creation as well as actual app engagement. These apps are addictive. You need a governor on your phone and laptop to lock you out for most of the day. It is unlikely you have the willpower to do this yourself. I certainly do not. I keep standard hours of content production, when I shoot and edit stuff, and standard hours for actually posting and engaging on the app. When that time block is done, I’m done.


But I’ll leave the rest for the workshop.

Grab your spot at Social Media With Boundaries if you want to learn more about harnessing the power of social media without giving social media power over you.

Love ya madly, see you on Monday I hope.

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