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Do it for yourself

I heard somebody was out here working on herself for someone else.

If I get better, maybe she’ll do better.
If I stop doing that, maybe he will too.
If I uplevel, the whole crew’s on the come up.

Was that you?

Girl, stop. That’s not what this is about.

You can’t be out here trying to change yourself to change other people. You’ve gotta do it for you.

You have to put the work in for you, and you alone.

You heal. You grow. You find your inner badass and light that bitch up.

Hell, maybe you will spark someone else’s fire while you’re at it. Maybe you’ll wake up something in ‘em. Be all inspirational and shit. But maybe not.

It is a damn good side effect when it happens. It feels good to be the reason people find their own light within (and get their shit together).

But that can’t be why you do it.

Your growth is something that you do for yourself; it is not a payment for someone else’s better behavior.

It’s time to let go of expectations and drop the judgment.

This got me so riled up, I had to preach on it.

You can watch the video here:

I know deep down you just want better for people. But now you know that you’re not in charge of other people–only yourself. And YOU are a very worthy cause to champion!

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